AITA for refusing to cook dinner for my step mother and her guests after she's been refusing to let me eat the food she cooks?

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  1. Cool. I'll see if I can dig that song up somewhere. I sent them a message on Facebook to see if they know where to get it.

  2. That's so amazing. Thank you!

  3. What annoys me most about this one is that FL often puts the onus on her brother, the one being ABUSED, to 'spend time with her.' And he goes through hell to do it. It's very manipulative.

  4. That sounds like a really tough situation. I'm not sure if it's illegal since labor laws are different in each State (if you're in the US.)

  5. Sorry about that. We live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Also, thanks for the recommendation

  6. No worries! I hope you're able to get some help for your parents.

  7. It’s like clockwork, I feel great for a bit and then out of nowhere every few weeks, nothing works for a day or a couple days. I’m not even sad or depressed on these days most of the time - I’m fine but then I go to an activity that usually makes me feel better and nothing works :/

  8. I get this too. You're able to go through the motions of your day but it's like something in your body is just on pause or mute and when you do an activity that usually makes you happy, there's like a weird dissonance and it hurts.

  9. Oh man I remember my first couple years of college before getting treated I would have upwards of 800mg of caffeine a day.

  10. Pot of coffee in the morning. Mid-day lunch pot of coffee. And then the coffee before starting work in the evening.

  11. or terrible coping that eventually causes all other kinds of issues they are more likely to diagnose you with than ADHD because adult/woman/successful/choose your own adventure


  13. NTA at all. Your parents sound like amazing people. Hopefully Rachel is able to flourish and grow healthily.

  14. NTA. OP, I'm so happy you did what you did. There are so many posts on here where the person ignores the red flags and gets themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. Hats off to you. Seriously. Live your best life.

  15. Feel like I don't even need to chime in here but... YTA. It's HAIR. She wasn't asking to get a tattoo or a piercing or something. The nice thing about hair is that it tends to grow back. Hair, like fashion, is something a child should be able to experiment and have fun with. I started dyeing my hair and getting it cut in different ways around age 11 and you know what? It made me SO happy. Some of those styles didn't look great on me but I'm glad I'm tried them out so I could find that out for myself.

  16. This is a C-drama but Cupid's Kitchen has that dynamic for a while.

  17. Yeah these are the worst, If it isn’t a big corporation, I generally email in my application explaining that

  18. Gosh, I really wish I could watch those cringy scenes because I know that I would laugh a lot, but I couldn't get past episode 2 :(

  19. I watched the entire series and believe me... you got off easy. The first few episodes are the best ones in the whole series. It does NOT get better from there. It transforms into even more of a dumpster fire.

  20. You watched the entire show?! I left at episode 6 and still feel like I gave it way too many chances.

  21. 'Watched' may be too kind a word. That 30 second skip button is a lifesaver.

  22. Sounds like a childish way of managing money, to me. My husband manages our finances so if I need something expensive and am not sure whether we can afford it, we just discuss it. If he wants to make a big purchase, I trust him to make responsible decisions, but he’ll tell me his plans in advance.

  23. I totally understand why many couples don't merge finances but in my case, it was a life saver. When we first got a joint account, both of us were so poor, we could barely scrap together an apartment security deposit. The only thing we could do was treat our income as ONE income stream and go from there. I haven't regretted it since. We just talk to each other when it comes to making any expensive purchases and we have a shared bill/expense spreadsheet.

  24. This one is a bit ‘older’ from 2017 or so but Revolutionary Love fits the bill.

  25. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about India. It seems workers have few protections, regardless of where they are in the class system.

  26. Working conditions in India are wild (in a very bad way.) One of my friends works for a contract company in India doing customer service and her contract has stipulations that leave me aghast. For instance, if she gives notice, she won't receive her last paycheck for 45 days. And that's common in these types of contracts.

  27. I had a similar issue. Around age 24/25, I ended up cutting off a bunch of narcissists from my life. Spotting these people gets easier when you have more experience (and now you do!)

  28. YTA. This HAS to be rage-bait, right? RIGHT??

  29. NTA. I don't think I have anything to say that hasn't been said already but... if I were you, I would start saving ALL of my money right now. I know what it's like to be 18 with no money and few options. Because the adults in your life are ALL failing you, you can not trust that they will continue to let you live there when you become an 'adult.'

  30. There was a year or so where my partner was working full time and I was only working part time, around 20 hrs a week or so. When I had that time off, I would cook, clean, go to the gym, read… I even started writing poetry again because my mind was clear enough to do it and I felt creative. Now I work full time and support him while he goes to school and I’ve returned to burnt out brain dead exhaustion.

  31. Having worked for a few of them, I CAN CONFIRM.

  32. Love this logic. It probably takes this guy an hour to figure out how to convert something into a PDF.

  33. I was born in 1994. I never ate fast food as a child, even as a treat. I too drink juice mixed with tap water. I too ate sandwiches and meat and veg dinners. I too mow my lawn and weeded. My fiancée has babysat. I delivered newspapers as a child. I went outside to ride my bike and play football. I don’t drink bottled water. I drink glass bottle coke. I don’t smash them after. I also watched TV. I also did my homework. I didn’t disrespect my parents. I didn’t sing to some flag because that’s weird. Basically I did most of this in the 90s/00s - what’s he on about??

  34. I'm from the same generation as you and did all those things. This cringey boomer post is just describing growing up poor, I think???

  35. Fool Moon was awesome. To me there are only two comparatively "weak" books in TDF, first one Storm Front and book 16 Peace Talks. Book 17 Battle Ground on the other hand.... WHOA!

  36. This is good to know. I'm reading Peace Talks right now and it's a real struggle to get through it.

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