1. The fact people try and make ww84 seem like it’s one of the worst movies is so beyond me especially if we’re going to give multiverse of madness a pass. The story didn’t match the ww that’s already been established and I think there should’ve been a final action battle but to say it was shit is beyond

  2. Yup, agreed but I’m done trying to defend it, it’s not a movie I care enough about to keep discussing it but it’s not even close to as bad as people make it out to be.

  3. Try and make the movie a hit, don’t let Ezra near any promo tour, add a scene on at the end and recast. I wish Ezra all the best and hope they get the help they need and all parties involved with these situations are ok but it’s time for WB to move on.

  4. How disappointing. Obviously I hope everyone involved is ok and Ezra gets the help they need but man, I’ve been looking forward to a flash movie for years.

  5. Its like they just gave up on having a connected universe and are just gonna throw out standalones and hope that works. I think they are in for a surprise with the lesser known characters. I cant see Blue Beetle or Zatanna doing well. Black Adam has The Rocks star power behind it. If it didnt I think that would flop too. Marvel built a connected universe where people will come check out characters they dont know because its the MCU and they know itll connect to the other movies. I mean Shang Chi wouldnt have done shit if it wasnt connected. The same could be said with Dr. Strange or Capt. Marvel if they were standalones.

  6. I mean you guys realize Keaton has already filmed scenes for three different movies right? I’m not saying DC is marvel now but it’s definitely moving towards more of a connected universe.

  7. Lol, I have no idea what to even expect from this but I’m all for it.

  8. Make plans for July 13 because the Sabres aren’t doing shit. And before you tell me nothing good happens on July 13, we have a 42 year old goalie not under contract, Bishop who hasn’t played in two years, and UPL who is made of glass. If you have any desire for Jack Campbell and/or Subban and/or Trocheck like I did (2-3 year deals with higher AAV), none of that is happening.

  9. They literally can sign any of those guys cause they still have 15m in cap space just to hit the floor.

  10. Sounds fine to me, I wasn’t expecting any big signings, a goalie, another D and that’s about it, with Quin and Peterka coming up I’d rather they go with what they have and not block anyone. If we can improve to the level I think we can then next year we can look at bigger off season signings.

  11. I don’t see why a second is needed. I didn’t like the first one. It inaccurately portrayed mental health and was a bad interpretation of the character IMO. I don’t get why I would need to see a movie like Joker when Taxi Driver exists.

  12. Don’t watch then? No one is forcing you.

  13. Sounds great! Can’t wait.

  14. I guess I just don’t see the issue here tbh, Phillips is gonna be an advisor probably cause he’s good with budgets, who cares? Marvel keeps putting out these movies and shows that cost hundreds of millions and look like absolute shit minus a few of them and their TV shows have been pretty mediocre as well while costing a fortune.

  15. Reeves is so passionate about this stuff, it’s so enjoyable to hear him talk.

  16. Pffff! Do you really believe WB and BadRobot/JJ-Abrams would hire a white actress to play an important white hero?? 😆😆

  17. Lol, completely shocked……./s

  18. Passing is atrocious this game. So annoying to see this sloppy play when they can be so much better. Need to give the fans and RJ a better game then this.

  19. Hopefully this is the last time we have to see Tokarski. I’m not blaming him tonight and I’m sure he’s a great guy but I’ve seen enough this year. We need some help in net next year.

  20. Frustrating to watch when you know what the team can do, we saw it in the first period. But Boston is just always really solid defensively and for some reason we just never play them well. Hopefully that changes next year.

  21. Not smart challenges especially when it will lead to a double minor.

  22. I would prefer them to kind of split time at the blueline or have both behind the circles. Perhaps it was a live-fire run.

  23. We should never have two d on any power play unit unless we’re on the power play near the end of the game with a lead. But whatever, it’s not a huge deal and I expect power will be QBing pp2 next year anyways.

  24. Sucks we only have one call up left, they’re probably not making the playoffs and it would be great to get Quinn, Peterka and UPL all up for the final two games.

  25. Much better for them to be in a dogfight for a playoff spot.

  26. I don’t agree but I’m not gonna argue about it. I think the head coach in Rochester is terrible and all these guys would of been learning way more from Granato and his staff in the second half of the season. But at this point it is what it is, I’m excited to see the young guys up next year.

  27. Goaltending is laughable. It’s like we can’t even allow a shot on net.

  28. Tokarski is the worst goalie to ever put on a Sabres jersey. How is there no one else in the entire organization they can put in net? Jesus Christ.

  29. Definitely not worse then Dell but that’s not saying much. But his positioning is absolutely awful and that’s why he looked so lost on that goal and is part of the reason why our goaltending has hindered our chances to win games the last month.

  30. Skinners passing is laughably bad tonight.

  31. John Stewart, Static, Icon and Rocket and Val-Zod are all getting films and TV shows, so don’t worry, you can stop pretending to care about those characters. Plus, who the hell cares, it’s literally one out of hundreds of white characters, 98% of people don’t care about it and John Constantine being white isn’t important his character at all.

  32. Exactly, all these “I’m a minority, I’m offended” posts are so lame. No one gives a shit that this stuff happens, it’s just the same people always complaining about WB for reasons I don’t care to discuss anymore.

  33. Careful, When I complained about him, People jumped down my throat.

  34. I have no idea why this is being downvoted after the Philly third goal. I’m baffled by people defending our goaltending. Obviously Anderson is a great locker room presence but he’s definitely showing his age on the ice. We need to score 4-5 goals a game just to have a chance to win.

  35. First goal he had no chance on but the second goal would be nice to see a save but we rarely get those, either way though enjoy the downvotes cause on this sub you can’t say anything about our goalies.

  36. People will hate on either goalie we have right now I think. I am surprised with the choices recently though. I just assume coaches see something that we don’t.

  37. Surprised in what way? I’m confused by your comment, not trying to be rude.

  38. Wow somehow I thought you said “next game” not next year. So I thought you were referencing taking Anderson out.

  39. Ah ok, ya at this point it doesn’t really matter what goalie we play tbh. Both are average and basically give us the same thing. I’m not trying to rip on them or anything I’m just pretty disappointed we didn’t get to see more of UPL, and I really hope we improve our goaltending situation next year. I like Anderson but I’d rather bring in someone else to work with UPL.

  40. We’re not a playoff team by any means but we’d be in a lot more games with better goaltending and I’d honestly be happy to never see Butcher, Fitzgerald and Bryson again. We have a solid 5 d core without them, add a few good FA and our D can be really really good. Also, bringing in Quinn and Peterka will help with finishing I think as well next year.

  41. Great news! Loved all the newer dc projects under Hamada and am super happy to hear they’re gonna focus on Superman again, he’s my favourite superhero and while I’m more then fine with getting other characters, I’d love to see another Superman movie sooner rather then later.

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