1. Nobody seems to be talking about the old mans clothes though. Still look brand new!

  2. True, I think the Infinity driver was watching their mirrors for the upcoming merge and the idiot 2 cars ahead of OP just jumps on the brakes for no reason. They weren’t expecting anybody to be on their left in the lane that’s ending. There’s so much to unpack in this clip.

  3. They didn't want the van to zipper merge because they have a fragile ego

  4. He doesn't want to get caught cheating with the woman you already suspect.

  5. I’ve actually known two women who were discussing this in front of me and they came to this exact conclusion. They were both older than me at the time, 27 and 30. The fact that fully grown adult women believe this is fucking insane to me

  6. Women have also reported reaching orgasm while being raped.

  7. Looks like 1 hour additional battery life and Bluetooth goes from 5.0 to 5.3.

  8. That current Bluetooth standard will be nice for folks that use AirPods and wireless headphones. The battery on my AirPods Pro 2nd gens goes really fast on my M2 MacBook Air and 14" M1 MacBook Pro.

  9. Yeah, I charged the battery and it's back to starting first press.

  10. If it’s not started and ridden every day a battery tender is > than occasionally charging the battery.

  11. ..... you BET him the money. He placed a bet for the same amount of money.

  12. The Japanese have really reallly tried to burry it

  13. So I couldn't keep my eyes off the bike nuts.

  14. I’m not a Nissan fan at all, but that back end is gorgeous and nothing like the past gens of Z cars.

  15. Because text generating AI have gotten very sophisticated that they dont just copy paste existing texts from the internet. They really do come out with their exclusive versions of existing text.

  16. Although they sometimes insert their own information or use an incorrect source and can sometimes be wrong.

  17. Every single time a post like this comes up it amazes me that someone who doesn't have a religious belief even similar to the entire mission of the organization would be interested in working for it.

  18. Every time I had a hard time getting a raise it was working for Christian folks that said “Times will be hard but the Lord will provide. Have faith and I will pray for you too.”

  19. Sounds like a slam dunk lawsuit for the teacher.

  20. Breaching the debt limit would lead to a first-ever default for the United States, creating financial chaos in the global economy. It would also force American officials to choose between continuing assistance like Social Security checks and paying interest on the country’s debt.

  21. Republicans have been talking about gutting social security openly so I doubt they care.

  22. Hope nobody here has eaten shrimp or bacon, or worn wool and polyester at the same time then.

  23. You can feel bad and be happy at the same time. It’s a double edged sword. These soldiers didn’t choose do be there, but the Ukrainian people also didn’t choose to be robbed, maimed, and have themselves and their families horribly tortured and killed.

  24. The constitution only covers “citizens” of the United States and its for the very reason of national security. Not a fan of this guy by any means but there are some points that make sense. The bill definitely needs a ton of scrutiny and debate to see exactly how it would or could affect legal and law abiding citizens.

  25. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

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