Roommate learns the difference between his cake and not his cake

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  1. That would be a close out. Hope he didn’t hit a reef.

  2. Bruce Wayne was there at the beginning lol

  3. Too much Mickey D’s turned him into beetlejuice

  4. Fuck yeah I love it. I’d kill the cunt for taking my cake. Lol

  5. Sit back and enjoy. It is an amazing game definitely in my top 3

  6. If I may ask what're the other two?

  7. Horizon series and Final fantasy

  8. The hate is because your a racist fuck wit.


  10. Cant see to left lol great design. 😳

  11. Agreed. He needs to replace the door hinges with ones that open to 180 or 270 degrees.

  12. Or cut the lid out to close around him. So it looks like his sitting up out of the coffin.

  13. I tucking loved this cartoon as a teen thanks for the memories mate👍🏻

  14. You should have an anti surge in between the ps5 and the power point. To avoid these issues as much as possible. Sorry about your rig though.

  15. I need to invest in one, any good one? Recommendations ?

  16. Go to your local electronics store and invest in the best one you can afford. I’ve had a few storms here and I’ve even been playing it and it went out but no dramas starting again.

  17. So did mine! All 4 of them. I had to pay $3500 Australian to get them out. Plus 1 molar as it was being pushed out by the wisdom tooth. I hope you can get it out soon.

  18. Wow, in The Netherlands it's covered by your insurance.

  19. Yeah ok. It’s considered specialist work so I needed to see an oral surgeon and have day surgery

  20. Ahhh an old berkel nice machine. There’s a butcher shop in Sydney Australia that has one that they use for prosciutto. Well looked after mate.

  21. Had a google, apparently you can buy these things brand new!

  22. Yeah! wow I would have thought they would be hard to find. I know they where an antique for the berkel.

  23. The mark on the base looks like it’s there to hold the cover in place it might just pull down

  24. Mineral turpentine will get rid of it

  25. I agree! my wife is always in a lot of pain after any of them, and with mammograms as well. It makes no sense to not have painkillers.

  26. No not at all it just resets the licensing, it like a hard reset on your phone.

  27. You need to buy it than it will go away 😂😂😂 it will be a nice present lol

  28. Phoenix all the way! The phoenix force is a celestial power which is op AF. Nice pic

  29. Vader hands down! Without the stones and gauntlet thanos is strong. But the force will crush him a bit like Scarlett witch was crushing him in endgame. Only difference is Vader won’t let him speak.

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