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  1. Not sure if I'm too late on this but I just wanted to chime in and mention how quickly red hair dye fades. It's definitely the least reliable of all dyes (also sometimes they dye can fade to weird shades).

  2. Is the stitching white? I think a white top with white sneaks or shoes would be a great spring/summer look. You could also do any shade of brown, blue, or use an accent colour like yellow.


  4. Thank you soooo much for this! Visiting this via a search 1 month later and this gives me a lot to think about (and adjust!)!

  5. And there they go jumping into the large bowl of pudding!

  6. I actually had to explain to her that unless you are in at the ground floor of these MLM companies their is not a snowballs chance in hell of making money. She then tried to play it off as she was just messing around. It is very uncharacteristic of her. We had gotten to know each other very well over the years and she is a very smart and observant person. It just doesn't make sense .

  7. She is either a very weak person or she is in debt and thinks she can dig her way out. Whatever is going on, you were right to call her on it and you should definitely report her. She may have other patients that don't have the same info you do.

  8. I started reading this thread and had to stop. It’s too depressing to read the valid commits everyone has.

  9. It's an investment group! They make is sound like some kind of hedge fund or something but it's most definitely an MLM.

  10. I remember being a kid and watching Descendants and I see her now it’s like what’s going on

  11. I'm trying to figure out who this is based on your comment and I literally can't pick this person out from the cast that you are talking about. Yikes!

  12. Just listened to it. What a revolting defendant. Justice is cruel in Florida

  13. I do the Tracy Anderson Method (not spinning but related to the fitness community and her "TAmily" Community is beyond culty. It's so sad to me how her team is able to manipulate people into spending using culty tactics. So many of the women in the support community are toxic as hell.

  14. Yea the extensions are god awful but did she...frame a Louis Vuitton bag?? And a Chanel bag??

  15. "So raw a skilled veterinary surgeon could save it!"

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