1. Is just me or is it depressing just how little food 1500 calories is? I find it so hard to lose weight because I’m used to eating so much more in one day.

  2. There’s a sub Reddit called “1200isplenty” . It’ll give you ideas for more volume low calorie meals if you’re struggling

  3. Definitely need to add stevia, any flavorings and some sort of flavored substance. Since it’s just gelatin and water it doesn’t taste like anything

  4. Ugh I feel this soooo hard. Even the healthiest foods I don’t allow myself to eat anymore. I don’t let myself have nut or seed butter, no nuts, no seeds. I don’t even let myself have fruit anymore. Along with a whole list of “healthy” foods like beans and legumes etc. so I totally know what you mean. If you ever need a friend to talk to, dm me. Not many people understand orthorexia

  5. PDO threads would probably be a good option instead of doing a full face lift. It’s painless, and easy procedure.

  6. The underweight influencers online who claim they’re eating 2500 calories and maintaining a skinny frame are either lying about how much they’re eating, or working out like crazy. End of story. They are not recovered.

  7. I was in the fitness bandwagon when it was new and cool and I would preach to fucking everyone how you needed to eat 2500 minimum a day. I would exercise so much, and coming from the borded of UW, I could maintain a small-ish frame quite a while eating like that. And then I would gain weight when I got some other life besides the gym. :D These people are totally not recovered.

  8. Thank you for sharing. This is not talked about enough. These women (mostly) who are claiming they’re recovered and “intuitive eating” and eating tons of food. They are doing a huge disservice . Like Daniela Hernandez. She’s the fuckinf worst

  9. Listen to Karen martels podcast “the other side of weight loss”. She is a thyroid and hormone expert and has the best people on her podcasts. Knowledge is power

  10. Gelatin and water will form into peaks if beaten? I didn’t know that

  11. I know people say full recovery is possible but I don’t think it ever truly releases out of the brain. And I don’t even necessarily want to recover. There is literally nothing waiting for me on the other side of recovery. No one in my family is changing for the better or getting rid of their toxic traits so why would I get rid of my one coping skill? I also have no desire to gain weight. So recovery just seems like it would cause me more anxiety

  12. This is exactly how I feel right now. I’m only about a week into recovery and I’m just wondering how I can say that I’m recovering for the people around me when my parents are never going to change who they are, and if my mindset somehow changes we will be even more different. What AM I recovering into? Literally words I said to myself today. Especially since I agree with OP, I’m believing more and more that full recovery is not a thing, not in the way that people advertise it

  13. For real. Idk why I got downvoted on my comment but whatever: I’m speaking my truth. You said it perfectly. What the hell would I be recovering into? There’s nothing spectacular waiting for me, my family is still ignorant and dysfunctional and fucked up. Why would I recover and just sit there and let that occur around me.

  14. I don’t think that’s a binge. That just eating a large meal. I do the same thing. I intermittenr fast and I eat a volume meal at night and I actually like doing that because it’s better for me and my blood sugar regulation. I’ve had to really ask myself what a binge is. Eating a lot of chicken salad isn’t necessarily a binge

  15. binge is when you cant control it, and i cant, so its technically a binge..

  16. I understand that aspect. I’m just not sure.. everyone’s different.

  17. Validation and to show that they were once underweight so it makes them feel better about gaining weight ? I agree with many other commenters. They are toxic as fuck

  18. Yeah it literally doesn’t matter what other people look like. I just want to get to my lowest weight for me. Not anyone else

  19. Shoot I do that just to maintain my normal BMI. I could get down that low and I have, but a decade ago and I don’t have the energy for it anymore. A good friend of mine is pretty overweight, but I don’t see her eat anymore than anyone else. I think taking in liquid cals is a big thing that people who don’t think about it don’t realize how much they actually add. The one thing I do see her have a lot of are full sugar sodas, coffees, and energy drinks.

  20. Preach. This is not talked about enough. How many of us are starving ourselves and still “look normal” it’s a huge paradox of Ed.

  21. It’s definitely possible to find vegetarian options in Spain and Europe. There are tons of little markets and grocery stores. I just spent a week with family and I literally grocery shopped and kept stuff in the hotel fridge. I can’t eat out but I always had my safe foods available . Pack snacks and eat them when your family is out to eat, order tea or your coke and have your snacks. It’s about the memories and experience not the food. But also, Europe restaurants are usually willing to accommodate and make things meat free

  22. Listen to podcasts about night time eating or bingeing. It helps me a lot.

  23. Exactly. After I started a food diary, I found out that my regular meals were already healthy, nutrient-dense, and low-calorie. The only things that made me go above my TDEE was the not-so-occasional desserts with very low nutrients. So whenever I ate 1700kcal in a day (those 500kcal come from my 1-serving brownie recipe) I didn't get any more nutrition than I would have if I'd eaten 1200kcal instead. Yeah, I could have eaten 1200kcal from 2 and a half brownies (in fact, on a inspired day, I've eaten that on top of my regular meals... that was before I calculated how much that brownie was worth) and that would have been terribly unhealthy, but that's not the case.

  24. I feel the same way. I would rather stay under the “reccomended calorie amount” because at the end of the day the body isn’t a calorie meter, it’s a nutrient meter. It registers nutrients, it doesn’t care about calories. I can eat 900 calories of nutrient dens healthh whole 30 paleo food choices and it would be better than eating 2500 of crap

  25. For some people (not everyone, of course), carbs have a sort of addictive quality that makes eating them in "moderation" harder than quitting them altogether. If you're interested in learning more about it, Dr. Cywes has lots of interesting videos on Youtube.

  26. I agree about the carbs thing. I used to binge on fruit and veggies. It never made me feel good. That’s all carbs. I’m Keto now and I feel so much lighter and better

  27. so I know it doesn’t feel like it but it’s probably in your head a little. I had a weeklong family trip the other week and felt awful and oversized and like I must’ve gained a ton of weight. I wasn’t able to restrict but I did get more exercise so it’s like the opposite of what you were able to do. I decided to fast today as a reset and uh…I don’t think I actually gained weight. I think I was just bloated/water weight from eating way more than my normal intake. I actually feel “normal” again…? after one day.

  28. Thank you for your comment. It’s so ridiculous how quickly the body can feel like it changes. I relate to the feeling of being thinner even if I haven’t lost weight, simply low restricting gets me feeling lighter and thinner

  29. What the fuck is wrong with your dad? Is he slow? If you’re still in contact with anyone from residential please tell them what he said. Do you have a Therapist? I’m assuming yes. Please tell on your dad. He needs to be callled the fuck out for his ignorant behavior

  30. There really isn’t any winning. Family member I just stayed with a few days will nit pick what I eat no matter how healthy it is. I don’t like eating in front of anyone anymore. Only my mom, dad or grandmother. Because they don’t care what I eat

  31. Yes, even when I am losing weight, I can’t tolerate taking shower in the bright light. I take showers with candles on

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