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  1. There's so many alternate history questions here that could be answered by Kaiserreich. This is one of them.

  2. No, Zuko is more like "I'm a fucking donkey"

  3. Moon druid is the correct answer. Removing it from Druid would allow Land to be incorporated into the base class (or something equivalent), and make the entire class much more fun to play. As it stands, all other druid subclasses are losing out on both power and flavour because if moon got transformation on top of class features it'd be even more too good.

  4. I thought summoning was intentionally made bad and not put into any full classes because it'd make exponentially more work for the DM.

  5. IMO you could have pet classes that focus on summoning and controlling one big thing and not be too disruptive to the table. I agree that I don't want a summoner who is gonna bring out a horde every combat, and I do think they were trying to mitigate those.

  6. Yeah I'd be fine with just making beastmaster a core feature of being a ranger. 1 extra character isn't too much to keep track of.

  7. Funny thing is this may be possible. The proto-Finno-Ugric people are native to East Asia, likely around modern Liaodong province. So they may well have bordered the proto-Koreans in the past.

  8. Bring back rules for gathering followers and leading armies like they had in the earlier editions as option rules (I know I could look at old editions, and I do, but I’d like to see WotC’s take on them)

  9. Ohhh yeah that would actually be cool

  10. Not the best example. The eggs are unfertilized. I don't think anyone is trying to outlaw periods.

  11. Fertilized eggs are edible too though, and let's just imagine it's 300 years ago and you get eggs from the family farm and then they're mostly going to be fertilized.

  12. ??? You just don't keep a rooster around unless you want new chicks. Believe it or not they even knew this 300 years ago. Unless you believe in avian immaculate conception lol.

  13. Why would they not keep a rooster around? Is there any disadvantage to having the eggs fertilized?

  14. The map is from 1965 at the latest, haha.

  15. It's a bit unclear. Tanzania didn't exist until 1965, and there are still two Yemens and two Germanies which means we're before 1989. There appears to only be one Vietnam which would suggest we're after 1971, but Bechuanaland was renamed to Botswana in 1966. I tried using xkcd's map age estimator but unfortunately this map shows neither the Sinai Peninsula nor the name of Burkina Faso/Upper Volta. So that's about as close as we'll get: between 1965 and 1989.

  16. RUMANLA MALAYSLA and looks like Singapore conquered Indonesia

  17. Only Sumatra, not the rest of Indonesia.

  18. Cured their ADHD, but gave them OCD.

  19. Ninetails should be Fire/Phychic. Especially now that Alolan Ninetails exists and is dual typed.

  20. I agree, but it's backwards. Should be Dragon/Bug for Vibrava and Flygon because then they are literal Dragon-Flies.

  21. I agree with all except Grapploct. Just because something is aquatic doesn't mean it has to be water type. There's too many water types already.

  22. Technically not a bitch. That term would apply to someone like Ceobe.

  23. The on reading for 意 which is い. WaniKani's mnemonic is: "The *heart* of an eagle (い) is very strong. The person who knew this probably came up with the *idea* to make the bald eagle a symbol of the United States. Eagles are always flying around and doing things, so their hearts are very strong." Ultimately I gave up on trying to represent this in a single image and used this "comic strip" image instead:

  24. Ahh ok, so it's a way for Japanese students to remember that eagles represent the USA?

  25. It's a mnemonic for the fact that the character 意 is read as i

  26. Yeah, of course we can. But at the current moment no socialist movement in America can possibly win without either 1. a significant worsening of life for the average person or 2. foreign intervention. Russia and China aren't socialist but they have a common enemy with American socialists: the US government.

  27. The point is, if politicians are allowed to stay in politics as long as they are reelected, they have a stronger incentive to actually serve their constituents. If you tell them they have a very short time frame in office, they will try to maximize their chances of landing a nice lobbying job after their time is up and won't really worry about what their constituents think.

  28. The coolest country is Greenland, obviously.

  29. this is a lucky birthday chart compiled from

  30. Shouldn’t the spike be 9 months after Valentine’s Day? November 14?

  31. What makes everyone think the body counts out exactly 9 months, and delivers on that date?

  32. Say you roll your stats really poorly, you could have no stat higher than a 12. So then what class do you take?

  33. You reroll. If your DM doesn't let you reroll, use the standard array.

  34. Fun fact: erica wears her kimono in the same direction that a dead body would be prepared in red and blue. She was supposed to be a ghost gym leader. This was fixed in frlg. This has nothing to do with anything discussed.

  35. Are we sure this wasn't just an oversight?

  36. I think I get it. They see the establishment as being left wing (remember "socialism is when the government does stuff") so Biden, being just about the most average establishment Democrat, is very far left, too far for most voters. And that is what a lot of voters dislike about him: that he is part of the establishment and is a centrist, which right wingers call "left wing". To them, a radical anti-government socialist would be less left wing than an establishment Democrat.

  37. What stats are you checking?

  38. Yep, they all either are socialist, or were socialist, down to Singapore.

  39. Would've said it broke in battle but looks more intentionally cut

  40. Tutoring for €25 an hour. And that's considered not a lot in this line of work. Honestly, if you're patient and you were good at school (especially if you are confident at math), then tutoring is a really well-paid job that you can start doing as early as 14.

  41. Same for me, I tutored in college and the school paid $17 per hour.

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