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  1. AvoDerm Lamb & Rice because she seems to be allergic to chicken. Also use fish oil 1x daily on her food to reduce environmental itchiness.

  2. Here to second the Lepto vax and paracord runner! Our dog is great off leash, until she sees a squirrel, marmot, or another dog. 😆 A long cord w/ her leash on a carabiner gives her room to move.

  3. THIS IS AWESOME. I’ve never seen this before! But it would be lighter than the pack we currently use… Thanks!!

  4. I’m so sorry you have to say goodbye to beautiful Abby. I hope your last days with her are the very best. 💙🌈

  5. So sorry for your loss. 💔 He looked like an absolutely special boy. No matter how many years we get, it’s never enough.

  6. What an amazing pup!! It looks like you all had the most beautiful life together. So sorry for your loss. 💔

  7. So very sorry for your loss. It’s just the most devastating thing to lose our pups. 💔 She was such a beautiful girl!

  8. This is the best!!! Is it just me, or are ACDs a bit of all the houses?? Courageous, super smart, loyal and loving, and a touch evil?? 😂

  9. Bella belongs to my auntie who lives in rural France, we think she’s a Brittany Spaniel. She was found wandering down the lane underweight, obviously been overbred and full of ticks and fleas. They tried to find her owner but without success so decided to keep her and named her Bella. They took her to the vet to get her treated and the vet estimated her around 10 years old and that was six years ago, she’s still thriving! Then one day the post woman recognised her, started giving her a fuss and referred to her as Dolly and started asking her where she’d been. According to the post woman Bella used to live on a farm a couple of villages over and was used as a “chasse dog” which is basically a hunting dog and apparently lost her eye in a scrap with a Fox! Due to the nature of her condition and the cultural attitude of chasse dogs past their prime they believe she was dumped. Others around the local area also have crusty old chasse dogs they found abandoned too. Bella is a very affectionate girl who’s eager to please, looking for a fuss and wagging her little stump. She’s a very laid back old girl now but if she sees any kind of game Bella perks up real quick! She never chases anything but looks for the say so (which is never given of course) and practically vibrates with excitement and restraint. She’s now enjoying her retirement and her favourite activities include sun bathing, raiding the compost pile and kayaking.

  10. WOW, what a story! So glad she’s having such a safe and happy life now. Beautiful girl.

  11. hahaha This is awesome! And looks VERY familiar from a fellow ACD family…….. 😆

  12. Our dude has been eating Fromm’s Whitefish or Salmon dry kibbles and absolutely loves them. We had to move away from chicken because it was making him super itchy. Fromm’s is a hit in our house

  13. Same here…moved our ACD off chicken because of the itchiness. She’s on AvoDerm lamb & brown rice now and loves it.

  14. When in doubt, walk it out. Definitely one of the best methods if you can’t afford a trainer at this time. Bonus: get some good exercise in for yourself as well!

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