1. A fuse holder that in this case is used to store spare fuses that can be used elsewhere in case one blows.

  2. At least in Europe, it's actually illegal to sell MSM or other uncooked products where the cell structures aren't intact anymore to consumers for food safety reasons.

  3. They also tend be stickers with a non-removable adhesive. There are ones that are intended to be easily removable, but almost no one uses them (at least on cheaper items).

  4. could also be a trigger for a discussion of mathematicians if they meant 50/0

  5. But why does it say russia in english and not cyrillic like everything else?

  6. It might be custom made for some experiment they were doing. Chemical laboratories often employed glass blowers (some still do) to make custom stuff.

  7. Does anyone know why they use this rather complicated contraption instead of some of the simpler solutions that were available at that time?

  8. Does your cat stop when you turn off the power to that circuit? If yes then you might have a loose wire in there that is a risk of an electrical fire. The cat might be reacting to a sizzling sound created by electrical arcing.

  9. If they really want to pay but can't due to sanctions, they could just send a truckload of gold or something instead.

  10. Target acquiring is going to be a challenge and the main reason why 300 aren't needed, IMO. I would think these guys are going to be so damn happy in a week once they get their mojo dialed in.

  11. Does someone have to get the coordinates via radio or by some other means and type them in or is it automated via a data link?

  12. This couldn't happen with a normal elevator since the motor that operates the landing doors is attached to the cabin.

  13. My cat will sometimes jump up to catch the mouse and then check behind the tv where it might have gone.

  14. Probably an outlet for a portable xray machine. They take very high voltage and/or amperage. The red button would be a safety feature that must be pushed in by a plug to make the electrical current active.

  15. Portable x-ray machines actually don't consume that much power from the wall since they contain capacitors or batteries to supply the required power while the x-ray is taken (which only takes a fraction of a second.)

  16. I've seen similar outlets in hospitals. They are either used to connect intercom systems or for hospital beds where they provide power and also signals for things like an alarm in case the patient feels unwell.

  17. Looks like a knockoff of karcher.. color and name

  18. it be funny if those launchers malfunction and shoots itself

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/vjhmyi/better_video_of_russian_air_defense_system_in/

  20. This K1 component might be a vibration sensor for the knock function. They

  21. I've seen a similar thing (but longer, like a tunnel) in a japanese game show. Someone had to run through it blindfolded while other people inserted sticks through the holes. But I doubt this has anything to do with it.

  22. By the way, what is considered to be the most expensive PLC on the market?

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