1. Are there people in that massive balloon? How do they sustain themselves? How long have they been there and when will they leave? They can't just land and shop for food lol

  2. Just wait for the toxic hover stans to show up and shout the loudest/upvote each others' bias comments about how everything is fine and it's just skill issue.

  3. Altho I usually go after hovers, with my avalache on tracks, 50% of the time they pop real fast and nicely. Pc, 9k ps. Hi era while mildly annoying, do t bother me tbh. Other 50% is a mix of good cripple, meewsing up shot and hover being just well armored (rarely tho) for avalache shot.

  4. I also don't hate hovers. I hate arseholes with avalanche that pop my hover with one shot. ☹️

  5. Update 2: The raid kicked me for idling FML

  6. Terrible advice. That's just a trashbag way to play crossout and people that quit games like that should be banned. Your a pussy. Your afraid of 1k ps difference? Your match history must be at least 50% unfinished games. Your a fucking virus bro.

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