1. Charlize and Maddie! Are they still friends? I know they were always together for a little while.

  2. i just dont know how much he can do in court considering he literally signed a contract

  3. I remember when doing a peace sign in photos was cool….. like 20 years ago.

  4. There is not an ounce of rhythm or talent in this entire family

  5. Chloe took a gap semester so she’s a senior graduating in fall. Nia got behind a year during DM filming so she just finished her junior year and she’ll graduate next spring.

  6. the only thing i agreed with was not doing activities that could injure you and take you out for the season.

  7. i still think thats a bit extreme. i agree with their case because their job was to dance on television. but for a child thats not, i dont think its right to rob them of experiences because youre living in fear of an injury. all things happen for a reason

  8. in her latest tik tok she was talking about how shes on a natural journey and hasnt worn extensions in a while. i dont think she typically wears wigs anyways its just extensions. looks like her hair to me

  9. I think that’s a stylistic choice, I’ve seen the other girls do it too

  10. It is lol cuz in some of chloes solos abby has her to do it to. Sometimes abby gave them bad direction for their turns like she has one where their leg goes higher in each turn cuz at some point of the show u see each girl do it.

  11. Did they ever do sports as a kid? Like soccer/Lacrosse/gymnastics ?

  12. I can definitely see them doing that. To be fair, that can be quite the workout. For a few summers I was asked to help teach and choreo summer cheer camps, and it’s a lot🫣 lol

  13. probably because kris never put them in stuff and they took no interest either way. my mom always had me doing extracurricular on top of the dancing i did, “yall not about to be sitting around” 🤣. people that never did any type of sport (ik its a privilige but im referring to those who can afford it) are an anomaly to me lmao

  14. It’s just not normal dude. I have a brother, you can forget about me, his sister, making these damn jokes.

  15. its not even like shes just doing it more than the normal person, no siblings joke like that like absolutely no one😭

  16. Omg, she is fine😭😭 chill on it okay lmfao. They just visited her and the crew ? It’s literally nothing else.

  17. the downvotes crazy. im gonna say something bold rq, i think the reason arianas fan coddle her like a child has something to do with the infantilization she does. yall act this isnt a nearly 30 year old woman

  18. i dont think i ever really had a “skincare” routine until like age 12. maybe 9 year olds do that nowadays.

  19. Penelope is coming out with a line of hormone supplements for menopausal women too, idk what’s going on.

  20. Tokio Toni may be a (mostly) incoherent crackhead, but I always found when she talked about her interactions with the KarJenners, she was genuinely shocked & disturbed by their collective behavior.

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