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  1. The thing is that if you see the number of candidates registered and seats reserved as a whole then you will get a clear picture. I am an JEE aspirant and got 208 marks in 2nd attempt 99.71 percentile 21 category rank (ST). There are about 145 total seats of CSE in IIT Bombay out of which 60 are Open, 13 for gen-EWS, 8 for Open girls reserved, and only 7 for ST candidates. I agree I will have to score about 50-60 marks less to get selected but students of my caste are underprivileged and don't really get quality education that's why the cutoff is very less.

  2. Lord and Miller gave an update recently that the show is still happening. And said that we will get production updates/casting soon.

  3. Don't think its insecurity, if the venue doesn't have good facilities I don't think they can provide the sports. Might be wrong tho

  4. That was a bs excuse. For other sports like Cycling if they could use the facilities in London far away, why couldn't they use the ones used for Shooting and Archery in 2012 Olympics in London.

  5. We were too shit to get into finals back then. I have no idea about how we went that far in WT20 2014 and WC 2015 because we were absolutely terrible in the bilateral series during that period. We had just had a tour of NZ where we didn't win a single match just before that Asia Cup and NZ were ranked 7th in the World back then.

  6. Tbf Kohli has done better than that in his prime. He scored 113 (50) in an IPL some time.

  7. Yes these are real I remember seeing these on the Scholastic website in 2012/2013 right after the release of Trust No One.

  8. the fact that there are so many actors attached to this movie with us having literally 0 clue what the plot,characters, hell even main character are in this movie tells me that it’s bound to be way more disappointing when they reveal it all

  9. I hope they do the entire series and maybe even collector editions and book sets with new art.

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