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  1. This is how we paid for the existing Rafaels. Mumbai has at least 10% less pigeons now thanks to this. Harvard Business Grads are going to study about Modi's Pigeon Diplomacy very soon..

  2. There was supposed to be a huge hospital in Kerala- they left to Singapore and is now based there.

  3. Well because nowhere in Christianity does it tell/require a person to be a pedophile. No Christian body/priest asks you to be a pedophile. Pedophilia is a problem in the clergy of both Christianity and Islam, neither religions promote it. But Hijab/Burqa is promoted in Islam/islamic countries.

  4. The pedophile bit was about the brainwashing bit so yeah

  5. So are you saying Christian pedo priests brainwash kids to be sexually abused? I can see that, but i would say that would be a simplification of a bigger problem.

  6. Repeat a lie enough that it becomes the truth. At first it was 6 hours, then 18, now 36. Wonder how ridiculous that lie will become 😂😂 also what happened to the MEA spokesperson who denied the initial claim of Modi ji stopping the war for 6 hours to rescue students. Does he still have a job?

  7. Exactly. Better than Brahmastra doesn't really paint a picture for me, since every movie i watched after Brahmastra was better than Brahmastra.

  8. Didn't England copy Baz' McCullums New Zealand? I remember England being shit in T20 and then copying the NZ approach. This is a funny version of whitewashing history.

  9. I did my college where many people were Christians who never tried to convert me.

  10. Bruh! It's a government quota job for supporting people in sports. He doesn't really have to do any work. Don't worry the economy isn't in BKL's hand.

  11. The thing is, the lady can wear anything in front of her man if in solitude. I’m not sure the woman would have liked to get taken pics of dressed in something less decent.

  12. But you do live in a country where women are treated worse than dogs.

  13. Tbh, imperial Japanese soldiers were worse than Asuras. The stories of Asuras in our scriptures are less horrific than stories of Japs in the WW and other asian wars.

  14. Bro how are u judging SL people based on these players, these guys aren't the average Sri Lankan

  15. But this is how the rest of the world judges. They aren't called ambassadors of the country for no reason. They project the image of the country on the international level.

  16. The part of the world that judges a country purely based on its celebrities and sporting figures is severely misinformed. It’s like saying everyone American is like Trump.

  17. Everyone is misinformed about almost everything. That's the reality. People are just experts in a very specific field of life, and the rest we make broad strokes of judgement. That's how life works, you can't be informed about everything. Your brain automatically relates stuff to things you already are familiar with. When you think of Apple, if you're lucky your brain automatically paints a bright red fruit in your imagination and not a green/yellow/Orange/mixed apple. When I think of Sri Lanka, i think of the things I'm most familiar with Sri Lanka. So I think of Sri Lankan cricket, my Sri Lankan friend, and the recent crisis.

  18. Indian folks, tell me please...why are you guys always boycotting something every day?? I've never seen this in any other community on twitter.

  19. Boycotts were an integral part of our freedom movement. We got independence as a nation through nationwide boycotts.

  20. 2 of those words are from kannada, one doesn't make sense. Only one word is from Tulu. It's great that you tried to learn Tulu, but don't make it seem like learning a language is easy Because it's not easy for everyone. Case in point, you butchered it. There's no need to shame anyone for not speaking a language. Since you are keen on learning let me correct it for you, it would be - Yenchina Saav ya, yenk onchur barpundu.

  21. Well that's great, but OP did mention he knew broken Kannada. Most Mangalorians know at least broken Kannada, and in comparison to how much you learnt Tulu, he would know better kannada than you know Tulu. So there's no need to shame anyone for sharing an incident where he was language shamed. OP never said he wasn't interested in learning kannada, and for his purpose of traveling through Bangalore broken Kannada was sufficient. Just imagine how you would feel if i made fun of you on your broken Tulu.

  22. Fuck of with you pushing alternative agendas. I'm completely fine with the pushback love jihad is gaining, but don't divert this to other narratives. We already have a serious parent-child dependency problem, not to mention people need permission to get married from parents and marry according to parents wishes.

  23. Isn't that the same with a majority of the moderated subs on reddit? i got banned and i quickly responded and got unbanned. crying just for the sake of crying as it appears,

  24. Bruh, it has been 2 years and i haven't gotten a reply yet, and i wasn't banned by a bot.

  25. than that's different than OP's case. One of my account got banned directly by the mods during a debate on Russia-ukriane war. The sub was heavily moderating pro Russian opinions just to not attract attentions. I don't think the mods themselves cared much about either side.

  26. I didn't get banned for any offensive comment. I got banned because "I participated in a hate sub" (whatever that means). Exactly the same reason OP got banned. So there's no reason for OP to get unbanned. They will ban anyone who even messages in Indiaspeaks.

  27. Odd day - mudi should give bullet train funds to feed the poor (read: muzlims)

  28. Name one country that has implemented communism and improved

  29. Its more of a status symbol...its like culture for them.

  30. How wrong can you be? It's the most addictive habit there is. Chewing tobacco has very high nicotine.

  31. On an other note, as a South Indian while visiting temples in the North, I hated these pandas.

  32. You find these people in south too. Tirupathi is filled with these scums. Gokarna has to be the worst. The moment you step a foot in, these scum show up like coolies. Any temple with a historical and religious importance has this problem.

  33. This isn't vishwaguru. Are you delusional? Who is going to follow Qatars path? Everyone is now against it. Buying FIFA isn't a big deal. They are a bunch of super corrupt people, who can be bought out by anyone, and have publicly admitted that they don't prefer a democracy. No one / country is praising Qatar for their homophobic, Human-rights abuses and corruption, and qatar isn't getting any influence with any other country.

  34. Bro if youre making cock rings out of your gold or silver bullion chances are we’ve entered the mad max phase of this timeline and 99% of commodities are worth zero at that point and the entire point is moot.

  35. You do realise gold and silver are real commodities right? There's gold and silver in your iPhone. Like most metals they (gold and silver) have a use case. From EV's to mirrors, jewellery/tableware to Dental alloys, electrical contacts to batteries/solar panels, all use silver.

  36. If you look at IPL auction dynamics, Right Hand Batsmen usually don't get highly paid. Koach doesn't bowl/captain anymore. So his only value in the IPL is his run scoring ability and his brand value. He has to be pigeon-holed in the anchor category too, which gets paid even less(Unless you are Monish Pandey). For ex, look at how Gill ( exciting Young Talent, future of ICT) went in the last auction process, he was advised by KKR ceo to take the GT offer of 8cr because he won't get more money in the auction.

  37. I think his brand image and still him being a great batsman obviously also indian makes him at least 15cr

  38. I can agree with you on him being an ATG IPL/T20 Batsmen. But is he a great option for a right hand batsman currently in the IPL? In the last 6 years, Koach managed to scrape past 500 runs in a season only once.

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