1. You don't need a toner, essence, serum or eye treatment.

  2. I don’t think that I need it lol just trying things and giving my skin some treats

  3. ...but you're complaining about your skin breaking out and asking how you know if it's your products or not.

  4. I think they do this just to get other products moving .. the strawberry purée is really only used for the strawberry frap .. this will help up the demand

  5. Sorry that she didn’t make an effort to come se you both .. however .. u said u didn’t see her for 5 years? W/o a baby no effort was made. She probably wants to know why u don’t come see her either .. just saying .. works both ways .. and even tho it sounds like an easy drive for u she may not feet them same .. try not to be so sad about u .. u haven’t seen her prior either .. it is what is it . IMO

  6. YTA. They don’t have to do everything together .. yes they hang out frequently but that doesn’t mean that they HAVE to. Plans can be made w/o your son & it shouldn’t be taken personally .. him not letting him know was enough. Why would u want him to tell him??

  7. I live alone .. my rent is very high .. I’m not best at money management (working on it) .. but even if I was better .. it’s almost impossible to pay my rent and pay other bills as well .. I am in debt & to not stress myself out I just go along with my life

  8. I love working for Starbucks as well .. I listen to my coworkers complain all day & im happy that I can’t relate lol at my Starbucks I make $25 a hour & 35 overtime (which is always available) .. it pays my bills & I love it here lol

  9. It was at a venue. It was planned & payed for. You didn’t get an invite because he didn’t want you there. It’s that simple. Take it however you want to take it. Don’t tell yourself any thing else. He didn’t forget. He left you out.

  10. Eminence organics! I visited a spa a few years ago & love the entire line ever since .. organic products

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