1. you know there are different types of sushi right? like a lot of it doesn’t have raw fish, some of it is deep friend, some has other meats like chicken or roast beef. it seems like you had one bad experience and let it define your opinion. although this opinion isn’t unpopular at all.

  2. I just recently discovered the rolls with tempura and slightly cooked fish and absolutely love it.

  3. those are actually the type of rolls i like!! my introduction was just tempura with rice and spicy mayo and it was amazing, obviously. my favorites still tend to include tempura but also other more adventurous things like eel and raw tuna.

  4. is he also trans? is this a point of dysphoria for him? either way, yeah this is bad and he shouldn’t be doing that.

  5. This is one of those “I’m just lying” posts

  6. I am so sorry to say that I am not lying and I will link a picture of me eating one if I could find a way

  7. Why would you do this when you can just use peanut butter instead of mayo? Why did I need to see this today...

  8. no you aren’t. I have a degree in psychology (B.A. from a university in NC). this is not healthy. you have been engaged 4 times by age 21, this time after only 5 weeks. no this is not normal and you need help.

  9. many asexual people can and do enthusiastically consent to sex. you are wrong, an actual asexual person has told you and you still feel the need to act like you know more about someone else’s sexuality than they do. you’re not going to get anywhere with this.

  10. that is literally not the same thing at all and again acting like you know more than actual asexual people and everyone else lmfao. it’s more like “i don’t want to participate in this hobby on my own, but doing it with my partner makes us feel closer so i will do it and enjoy doing it with them.” and that they don’t necessarily think about participating in said hobby outside of doing it. but sure, take this to

  11. well if you need a example, we had a special occasion, she is pretty but she had facial hair, i told her nicely she would look really good if she goes to the parlour and gets rid of it. she didn't, she said it was too much of a hassle. that event kinda ticked me off but i didn't say anything. Her facial hair isn't the problem, its not about that, its just the phrase,""it was too much of a hassle", made me feel like shes not invested in the relationship and she doesnt care if I'm attracted to her. its just "she wouldn't compromise for me while i do it for her?" kind of thing..selfish on my part? yeah, probably.

  12. dude, it is a hassle. and she shouldn’t be worried about not being attractive to you over some peach fuzz. that is not a normal standard in relationships, seriously. why would she feel like she constantly has to look better for you? if you want someone with that mentality then you need to break up with her instead of resenting her over a standard she’ll never be able to reach.

  13. Yes he should entirely stop everything that he enjoys to appease his wife. That sounds like a good plan for long term happiness. 😑🤦‍♀️

  14. “so he should stop drinking/doing heroine/excessively watching porn and not having sex with his wife/ignoring his wife to appease her? sounds like bullshit to me” same energy bruh

  15. MEGA stank. like if you hadn’t brushed your tongue in two weeks stank. I’m worried it’s been stinking up my mouth without me knowing 😔😔

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