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  1. For all we know, Trisha may be bonding with her daughter and taking care of her off screen. However, everything on camera is so forced, fake, and corny because I think she’s trying desperately to secure sponsors and break into the mommy blogger sphere. Idk, maybe I’m just trying to rationalize everything because the reality that she doesn’t care to bond with her baby is very grim.

  2. Where does this post say she doesn’t care about her baby? I said she seems detached as a mother.

  3. ✨Spiritual ✨ I feel like I believe in a higher power but not the Bible if that makes sense

  4. I see a very faint line, try another one in 2 days with first morning urine

  5. They never will, there’s a whole deep dive about it. Kylie has unblocked and blocked her multiple times per Ro

  6. Is that really a picture she thinks she looks good in 😬🫣

  7. Toddlers are hilarious 😂 sorry about the dogs passing 🙏🏽

  8. I just watched episode 2 last night and I yawned through the whole thing so fucking boring! When it ended I was like that’s it? They gave us NOTHING so bland and boring

  9. Maybe use a diva cup so you don’t have to change anything very often, and bring ibuprofen to help with cramps plus bring water with you good luck 🫶🏽

  10. Wait did she actually name him theo? Lol thats my puppies name

  11. She really looks like Jordan mi wants her to be her “twin” so bad 😂

  12. So sad. I have 2 under 2 and could never leave them. The only time I've been away was to birth the 2nd one

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