1. Royal Brackla 12 46% beautiful. Bottles mostly in west end Mississauga and further a few at Queen and Coxwell

  2. Whisky base gives it an 86. Its their Feiss isle May release so its special but 194$. Think about it

  3. Thanks for the lead. Great community at

  4. Listed 7 available at Yonge & Hwy 7

  5. Its now also in the Whitby warehouse says Hello LCBO

  6. How do you all know these things, on the app it says unavailable….

  7. Store manager checked internal inventory not available online. Just wait for general release he said. Should be soon keep checking like me

  8. The singleton cask strength and the Highland park cask strength are both fabulous finds. Go for it. Very jealous

  9. Today it’s the Glendullan 19. Still half a bottle. Managed to find another here in Markham. Still two at Summerhill All the others from that Diageo release seem to be gone.

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