1. Explore more of Tiga's ancient ultras species and dark giants and connect them with the Land of Light species with King being the last of his kind (which explain why he has purple skin) and more that I can't think on the top of my head

  2. First one! The second one might want to saved for last till Dynamic debuted or Decker finished

  3. Ultra Q does take part in the main continuity but it has 3 different timeline after the show ended; -Showa continuity -Ultra Q sequels -Ultraman Z

  4. Someone already said Tiga Tornado so, I'm gonna go with Nexus Junis, Ace(he's beautiful) and Trigger Truth

  5. I'm jealous, it's literally sold out on Shopee but congratulations! It's my fault I never got it

  6. I got it from a Honda service center at my place . They still have few in stock .

  7. Max is the strongest but he's as powerful as those 'Cheatoraman?'

  8. Thank you. YOASOBI is one of my favorites

  9. I don't know if this canon or not but I've read that all of the beam are all made out of Spacium and then it evolve into any types of beam.

  10. Thermoplastic Elastomer. Basically the material used for Tiga Multi Type's abdomen part (which Tamashii Nations have since discarded in favour of using Soft PVC alone for Tiga Power Type and Seihou Man-Niisan)

  11. Oh.... I forgot about that. And thank God they're abandoned that material. TPE is the reason why Multi is so damn expensive here

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