1. Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Invincible Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Fairly Odd Parents

  2. Hello! I don't have children but want to let you know your link is broken! I'd also say it's very doable to fit car seats in the back, but it could be difficult only if the front seats are scooched too far back. The back seat space isn't all that big!

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  4. Absolutely no changes once I fully recovered. I’d say it took me…maybe 2 months? To fully 100% recover

  5. $43K, WFH, insurance is an 8.5/10, technically unlimited PTO, 56 flex/sick hours per year

  6. 18.50 IS NOT $50K. I make roughly 42K salaried, and that comes to like $20.60 an hour.

  7. I make $41K, my wife $18K, and we have two boys (4, almost 2). We’re in Kentucky, but I totally understand. I saw recently that it’s believed as many as 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and I think as many as half of $100Kers were as well.

  8. I’m autistic, and superheroes are my special interest, and I’m a completionist, so I’m here as long as the MCU exists probably! Loving everything they do right now

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