Qatar Rules for Fifa World Cup

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  1. This sounds bad in a vaccum, but in what reality would France be fighting alone?

  2. I really hope Iran see’s some positive changes, but I doubt it.

  3. Ohhhhh, I've never even thought of playing this in VR. And I had just decided headsets were a gimmick and I didn't need one. Now I am positively horrified/delighted by the idea of playing some of the creepier parts of this game in VR.

  4. No more difficult than it is to set up mods for non-vr. If I remember correctly I just did a direct download from the Nexus through the mod manager.

  5. What would the aftermath of a nuclear war really be like? Are we talking Fallout or just WWII again but overnight?

  6. Definitely not Fallout. Radiation acts differently in the real world.

  7. I just mean in terms of society/civilization collapsing completely. Obviously there wouldn’t be ghouls or super mutants

  8. Cultures like this are proof moral relativism is wrong. A culture with these values has incorrect values

  9. “You’re Wrong About” podcast did an episode about her. Yes, she was very poor. And it sounds like this marriage wasn’t explicitly sexual, rather she jumped at the opportunity to be financially taken care of while letting this lonely little man snuggle with her and touch her boobies. As a single mother, that was an irresistible offer.

  10. Half life 1, the game that valve made that put them on the map, and I recommend the fan made remake Black Mesa.

  11. The logical part of my brain tells me that all of the “capos” in Russias mafia like government aren’t willing to die and ruin their awesome billionaire lives over Putin’s ego.

  12. Ukrainian government telling Kyiv residents to prepare for nuclear strike????

  13. No country is going to legitimize this because they don’t want to set a precedent and then have it happen to them.

  14. Greece’s first capital was Constantinople. Turkey is Greece.

  15. Here's hoping that the US can aid Armenia not only to the point of repeling the current invasion but to the point where they can retake all the territory they lost in the last conflict

  16. Isn’t all that territory internationally recognized as Azerbaijani? Aren’t you advocating for essentially the same thing Russia is doing in Ukraine?

  17. No, Azerbaijan is currently occupying territory that is internationally recognised as Armenian and never belonged to Azerbaijan (or its USSR version) even on paper during any moment in history. It was forcefully occupied in the middle of September similar to the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

  18. Right but what about Nagorno-Karabakh? Is that not internationally recognized Azeri territory?

  19. So Putin brought nukes to the border. Is this it? Is he gonna launch?

  20. I think that lead thing is true tho, like my parents are reasonable people who basically agree with all lib positions but I don't think they've ever voted for someone who they thought would raise their taxes

  21. It’s honestly not their fault. They all have actual brain damage lmao

  22. There is no Shah dynasty any more. It's like saying France today can return to the Bourbon dynasty. It's done. The Shahs are gone (thank God too).

  23. I mean there is still a French monarchist faction. It’s not likely but it’s not impossible. Same goes for the Shah.

  24. It could not win in Iraq, Afghanistan nor Vietnam so simply. Not would it now. Biggest is no one is taking Russia as in occupation, and while you try even to destroy it's military the entire world melts down and the US becomes unstable and yes nukes pop off. It is hilarious the delusions of the Reddit PhD international task force.

  25. The convention phases of Iraq and Afghanistan lost like 10 mins. No one is talking about occupying and trying to install a new regime in Russia.

  26. i didnt attack him because of his Kurdish identity,i use his Kurdish identity to attack him

  27. If you find Lauren Boebert attractive, you need to be institutionalized.

  28. You can’t tell me with a straight face you wouldn’t hate fuck her if given the chance

  29. Honestly getting a little scared of Ukraine escalating into a nuclear war

  30. I was just always hearing how Cyrillic has been fine tuned for Slavic languages. So I just assumed. But I guess it’s just more of a political statement.

  31. Cyrillic was invented by the Byzantines specifically for Slavic languages

  32. What are the odds Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine? I’m more than a bit worried he get backed into a corner and uses tactical nukes.

  33. I’m getting married tomorrow it would be nice if Vlad would take one day off from threatening nuclear war.

  34. If anyone here says just convert them to residential I'm gonna fucking snap.

  35. Regarding the guys night/girls night thing: I plan to give her at least one day per week where I do absolutely everything so she can go out with her friends/ just do nothing without having to take care of the baby. I know a lot of moms end up feeling like being a mom is 100% of their identity and I don’t want her to feel like that.

  36. Kudos for that! My man and I split time with the baby 50-50 and it's great. Most days we split morning/afternoon, some are full for me or for him, evenings are shared and so are Sundays. This way, when it's not my turn, if I'm busy with work, project or whatever even chilling, it's okay, and this feels so good!

  37. Everyone deserves a social life and time to chill! I believe you maintain that right even when you have a kid.

  38. Conservatives: alright guys we are pretty much guaranteed to win the midterms, let’s just take it easy and skate to an easy victory. No one do anything to rock the boat.

  39. The unhinged nuclear threats by Russian politicians are a bit troubling. This shit didn’t even happen in the Cold War.

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