1. The OP gave an update in the comments!You can click on his profile and look for the comment which says update

  2. You really talk a lot of shit

  3. you are very weird dawg…you think crashing someone’s car because they passed you is masculine?Thats literally the definition of toxic masculinity.His masculinity was so fragile that he got offended by that

  4. i downloaded instagram and spotify from this telegram group and they both work fine

  5. How exactly do you download it? I get to the “open in” page and then have no idea where to go

  6. Ive always been an android user and i want to get an iphone mainly because i am tired of the bad camera quality on social media apps.My options are 1)iphone 11 pro max 650€ 2)iphone 13 720€.I decided to exclude the 12 series because of the smaller battery.I wanted the 11pro max because im used to the 6'5 screen but ive heard people say that it makes their photos look yellow which scares be because the only upgrade i really want from switching to ios is the better front camera.Should i just get the 13?

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