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  1. I don't understand these tiktoks coming in this sub reddit.. and why was the guy just filming him on the escalator.

  2. This sub is kinda going downhill, yesterday there was porn. Called it a porn bot in the comments and the lady got all pressed and I made fun of her a little. Idk bout you but this isn’t the sun to post porn on

  3. I lift and like me a good Ice bath here and there

  4. They’re so mad at us for shooting it down ig 💀

  5. I like how you have 12k upvotes but a guy who said Eewwwwwwww got downvoted lol

  6. Why are you getting downvoted? It’s literally gross looking when the plate is out 💀. Like It’s an opinion lol

  7. Man I hate seeing high school kids fuck each other up. Nothing in any of these scenarios is worth Brain damage

  8. I shit you not when I was in middle school I asked why the bathrooms towards the back of the school were closed down and the teacher said “ Because kids would go in there during lunch and have fight club”. I looked into and it was true, the back bathrooms aren’t away from classrooms but secluded enough to not be heard. So kids would just go into the bathroom and beat the shit out of each other

  9. I had my brightness down all the way and for a second I thought she wasn’t wearing underwear

  10. Doesn’t this stuff like permanently take hair away? I’ve never used it so sorry if I’m wrong but this just seems dumb

  11. I’d honestly say it will be another Biden blooper

  12. Ngl I thought it was Kim Kardashian for a sex

  13. Thank you, I hate to say it but you seriously beat me to it. That sound is just so scary to hear

  14. I’m Tennessee they apparently passed a bill that says if you kill someone that has children, you have to pay child support until that child is 18. That’s pretty badass imo. I hope it’s true too, someone fact check lol

  15. I mean.... a glance at his channel should give you the answer... They really like trash trucks and really like recording them for Youtube.

  16. It’s actually pretty damn amazing cause he even says the models of the truck and stuff, he’s been doing this for YEARS I guess

  17. Everybody needs a hobby and this guy apparently chose trash trucks.

  18. Hey man you do what you like, you gotta respect it lol

  19. You know, as a black man, I never understood this. I love watermelon. And it's healthy. I honestly feel like screw everybody and what they think. Why should I care if someone thinks something of me for eating it?

  20. I’m not black but ima be real I don’t like watermelon, for me it’s the consistency, it’s tastes fine I just can’t deal with the consistency

  21. Holy shit this guys getting the Gwak Gwak 3000 double tongue twister

  22. My favorite Robert frank quote is “if you want a thic mami screaming, Golpea Tus bolas en mi frente papi, in the back of a Denali, your arms better be fuckin SWOL”

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