1. Checking this thread at half time and 95% of the top comments were posted before the game started. Literally like two comments actually about the game.

  2. Last FIFA I was regularly 11 wins every weekend league. Now I can't even crack 9 wins, every week. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. It just gets me down

  3. Does everyone just have god squads now? I'm still.rocking like Morientes and flashback Silva and every team I come.up against has multiple.icons, world.cup heroes, ginola, mbappe you name it. it's so demoralising

  4. It's a weird edge case with gloomhaven's line of sight rules.

  5. Wait wait wait wait. Touching a corner counts as touching a wall?! Are you serious? So if your line of sight line touches any part of the edge of a wall tile, then they don't have line of sight?

  6. I said before the tournament that the teams that will go far at the ones that can get as many of their players playing in the same system/position as they currently play for their clubs. This is why the 4-3-3 shines here. You have all your back 4 playing in a back 4 (like they do for their clubs). You have Rice playing in the base of a three like he does for west ham, you have Saka and Bellingham playing identically as they do for their clubs.

  7. Incredible chance for a player to get a nailed on world record for latest goal scored in a first half at a world cup

  8. Excited for everyone who beforehand were spouting "oh Iran could be a banana skin, they'll be defensive, England might struggle to break them down" suddenly change their minds and it'll be "oh they only beat Iran, USA will be the real test"

  9. Last FIFA I was a solid 11 wins in the WL most weekends. This year I just don't know what's gone wrong. I managed to scrape 6 wins last weekend and now I've started 0-6 today. It's just so horribly demoralising it really feels like everyone I come up against is just a much better player and has a way better team than me.

  10. "greased by a bit of juice that's fallen from the skies" might be the most vile way anyone has ever described rain

  11. Any England fans starting to get a little nervous now? 😅😅😅

  12. Guys, I thought the MCG was gargantuan and boundaries were impossible?

  13. Zaha missed penalty has absolutely torn me back down to earth after celebrating City lose

  14. I've attempted to take advantage of the price rises later on today.

  15. What advantage would you be taking? They'll all only rise once, which won't affect what price you can sell them at

  16. I'm waiting for the leaks to do KdB and Alvarez to Foden and Haaland for -4.

  17. My man there is absolutely no point in taking a -4 this week

  18. ??? The foot is low and the studs aren't up what are you on about

  19. I need you all to know that benching your 4.5m midfielder away to Man City was never and will never be a bad decision. Sometimes shit just happens though

  20. Objection to it being a common word, but I have since googled it and respect that it seems common amongst non-prem football fans and games. Thx.

  21. Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't make it not a common word. There's a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers called Tifo, which is part of the Athletic, one of the most well know sports journalism sites. I'd argue that alone suggests it's semi well known

  22. I'm an arsenal fan, England fan and Saka captainer. I am fuming on so many levels

  23. So I tried to get Zaha in for Bowen so I could play him over Foden. Servers down. Didn't happen.

  24. I get my team hasn't done well. But how the fuck am I 6 points off of safety? Who the fuck.do you all have scoring points, no one high owned is doing well

  25. 24 points on the bench. 18 non Haaland points on the pitch. Pain.

  26. Ben White: assist, CS, 3 BPs 🤩🤩🤩. Then arsenal concede and he's subbed off so he might get no BPs☠️☠️☠️

  27. You also have a lot of people. Dulwich Hamlets gets huge attendances, for example, and because its non-league, you can drink and on the terraces.

  28. Dulwich Hamlet also famously almost went into administration recently, so probably not your best example

  29. Wait seriously? I thought it was League Two that it goes away?

  30. Took a -4 and ended up with 9 players anyway because of fucking Coufal and Chill well ☠️☠️☠️

  31. Me who thought Sterling was my differential on my GW9 Wildcard 🤡

  32. I was selecting between him and Maddison... At least I got that one haul

  33. For fucks sake potter just fucking make your mind up on your fucking defense

  34. Holding on to Gross for like 5 weeks on my bench cause I had other fires going on finally pays off!

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