1. This fact does a great job describing the roller coaster we’ve been on.

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  3. In exchange for McCaffrey, the Panthers will receive a 2023 NFL Draft second-round pick, a 2023 third-rounder, a 2023 fourth-rounder and a 2024 fifth-round pick.

  4. $8 for me. I was on the $14.99 family plan.

  5. Make sure the MicroSD card is being read in desktop mode and go to steam on desktop mode> Steam (top left of window)> settings> downloads> STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS> hit the plus and a popup should appear with your microSD card. If you don’t see your games appear go to the dolphin file manager and make sure the steamapps folder is inside the SteamLibrary folder. If there’s a empty steamapps folder already in the SteamLibrary then just replace it.

  6. Dang that sucks. Got past it for me on the 2nd try.

  7. Does it give you a reinstall kind of screen or an update screen?

  8. Thanks, this seems to work the best. I tried filezilla (ftp) anydesk, they all have had some issues reconnecting after a while.

  9. That sucks. I thought since it had DP it would. I think there is not a lot of people that use daisy changing which is unfortunate.

  10. That is what they're claiming, but they're adding things like after market alarms and emblem black out packages.

  11. Nice! Now if I could just a complete list of working mame roms to put in my ARCADE folder lol. Where's this prodigal script? 🤣

  12. I use this app to clean some of that up. I personally thought it was so far the best one I've found:

  13. Somehow the app glitched and didn’t ask for an update and it worked.

  14. I have this same system. Just wondering why do you want to use Big Sur instead of Monterey?

  15. To add to the other comments I’d say Fidelity has the better app and website as well. And you can also do the automatic investments as well if you use the mutual funds.

  16. Seeing rate limit exceeded try again in 15 minutes Is that a known issue?

  17. The person that posted this same deal 10 days ago posted again 8 days ago to say they got notification their order shipped at least. Time will tell when it arrives. Could end up being good units and a great deal with a vendor just wanting to dump inventory, could be just a false notification posted by seller when not shipped at all, could be resealed returned units...hard to say.

  18. Most likely a seller scam. Amazon will be left to pay everyones refunds.

  19. Thanks. I was noticing the same issue.

  20. Based on the comments it’s sounds like you haven’t dropped it softly enough.

  21. They’re just temporarily suspended. /s

  22. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

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