1. How dare you insult Rocky 4, my totally subjective favorite of the series, in this way??

  2. Whattttt…if you’re referring to Treehouse of Horror 5, that episode is one of the best they’ve ever made and my personal favorite. I also love the Shining.

  3. Gotcha, I see Amazon currently has a few titles im interested in for around $20 already, they won’t go any lower?

  4. No, I doubt they would ever go lower. Amazon does its own thing, but I think the lowest I’ve seen one for on there was like $18 for a bluray.

  5. Before Sunset should be in every conversation of the best sequels of all time…like up there with Empire Strikes back. It’s been in my top 4 since I watched it for the first time this past summer.

  6. I thought it was average…maybe I had higher expectations after hearing about it for so long

  7. Omg Amadeus I wanna watch it so badly but it’s never streaming on anything for me :/

  8. That looks really interesting! I just added it to my watchlist on the Criterion Channel!

  9. Charade is so good! I watched it for the first time over the summer and loved it! I also got the Criterion copy for Christmas.

  10. What kind of parties have Umbrellas of Cherbourg in the background? I wanna go😂

  11. I watched “In the Mood for Love” for the first time…I thought it was fine😬

  12. Go watch “The Passion of Joan of Arc”…then come and tell me that doesn’t have a good story

  13. You are on the letterboxd subreddit…people here are crazy about movies…what kind of a question is this?

  14. Yikes. You give out 5 stars a little to liberally, watch more movies my friend. The Dark Knight 5 stars? Lmao

  15. And you gave 5 stars to the most basic movies you’d find in a film Bros list? Lol

  16. They’re “basic” now because everyone knows them as some of the best movies of all time. How many 5 star ratings do you have?

  17. 1970-1.5 I’ve only seen one film from that year, which was MASH and I really hated it

  18. 1176…I have a lot more “non film bro” movies at 4.5 and 4 stars.

  19. I seriously think you changed all the ratings just to give yourself some publicity.

  20. Never thought I would see Fury Road and The Emoji Movie associated with each other😂

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