1. If you spray with watery dish soap they can't fly and will die, less toxic to you

  2. Round top antiques festival has much more than antiques, nice fall day trip

  3. Pick 2 of your 4 preferences, can't have them all!

  4. La Chingada! Worth the drive just north of the heights. Also Cantina Barba and tacos a go go.

  5. Davis Hardware on Studemont in the heights, family owned frame shop

  6. Not only did they fix my frame, and fix it within 10 minutes, they didn't even charge me for it. Don't know how often I'll need framing done but this is definitely my new spot. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Walkable streets don't exist in Houston unfortunately, even the semi walkable ones you need a car sometimes

  8. Yes they do, you just have to drive to get to them

  9. White Oak and 19th street in the Heights, west gray Midtown, Westheimer and Fairview in Montrose, Harrisburg and St Emanuel in EaDo

  10. Nice! Where can I get one of these puzzles?

  11. That video store on Waugh is a great spot for another restaurant, even has a parking lot. I keep waiting for someone to revitalize that corner

  12. Maybe 30+ years ago it was decent. Now what you are saying is the aftereffects of COVID shut downs and people moving ever further out to less crowded better walkable areas.

  13. Were you there 30 years ago? Decent is not how I would describe dilapidated crack houses

  14. You already mentioned it, but BCN is one of the best restaurants in Houston!

  15. The tiles are the remnants of the original city hall building that used to be there

  16. "I went to a venue with a bag policy and they enforced it."

  17. They changed it. Used to look in your bags while checking for tickets, this new policy sounds worse.

  18. Last Concert Cafe, 1810 Ojeman, Shady Acres

  19. Cigar lounge or a golf simulator bar like Loft 18 or Top Golf, a nice steakhouse. Or go to St James and have a steak with a show

  20. You can also decorate bikes, scooters, and trailers if finding a car doesn't work out.

  21. What is the white "smoke" coming off their feet?

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