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  1. It just occurred to me how strange the National Geographic logo is. It’s effective, but also just a yellow rectangle.

  2. I think it’s from the original magazine visual identity, those distinctive yellow borders on the cover

  3. For future reference, a question like that is usually plural. In other words, he'd ask, "Any hobbies?" Of course, in a formal setting, I'd expect him to ask, "Do you have any hobbies?"

  4. I’m gonna look right now, maybe there’s my will to live or my N64 console

  5. This works better than "mob". I kept thinking "mob boss" when i saw your original post. Took me a while to get it. Great comic +1

  6. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I think so too. (I’m French so I didn’t even know if « Mob » is known by most English speakers or not)

  7. I never actually played world of War craft. To be honest I never imagined an MMO as something that would fall victim to escort missions.

  8. I’m taking WoW from 15 years ago. Maybe they got escort missions right today. I hope so… from reading the comments I understand that most modern games made escort missions less of a pain in the ass

  9. Haagen dazs is terrible ice cream

  10. I was eating spaghetti the first time I watched it… not a good experience

  11. Old VHS of Debbie Does Dallas was how I popped my porn cherry.

  12. Old ones really knew how to come up with titles. I remember one of my firsts on VHS was « Becky’s sensations » (an old dude dies of an heart attack while doing Becky and that’s all I remember)

  13. It’s all fun and games until a level 15 magikarp joins the fight

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