1. Clipping - Self Titled (Death Grips but more rappity rapping, bit of a horror-core vibe)

  2. Hmm. I get the sense you're open to unusual vocal performances bc of the Zappa, as well as '90s electronic music, so I'm gonna recommend Bjork. The Post/Homogenic/Vespertine run is legendary and it gets more progressive and cosmic as it goes along.

  3. If you like Sunbather, Liturgy's HAQQ album is also in that experimental black metal space. I honestly don't want to spoil it too much otherwise. It probably fits all of your criteria, I'll just say that.

  4. is there a pulley system that could do the opposite of this, so the sweet release of death could incentivise me to deadlift more

  5. As someone with autism, that weirdly makes sense to me. It reminds me of the way people describe Stanley Kubrick's filmaking style as uncanny in the way it deals with emotions, bc the performances he gets out of people are so animated and stylized.

  6. Tryna think of more german musicians, Hans Zimmer and C418 come to mind, Boney M etc

  7. Budapest Hotel in particular, it literally takes place in a country that doesn't exist

  8. One silent rule I've always noticed the hermits follow is to not break blocks when involved in a game; attempting to get into/out of a room, etc. It's too easy.

  9. People hate singers like billie eilish and bands like bts because teenage girls like them, not because they’re necessarily bad.

  10. Extreme popularity is kind of a curse like that. Just in the past couple months I watched Steve Lacy go from a niche R&B artist to one of the most overblown artists on the planet. I have a negative reaction to even hearing his name at this point, it's honestly unfair to him.

  11. Their mainstream songs are ok. All their other stuff is awful.

  12. I'm the other way around, I think their deep cuts are infinitely more stylish than their bland pop-rock from the 2000s

  13. Probably Nosedive. I like the message and it's got a few great scenes, but most of the episode is kind of a stressful and irritating to watch. Probably by design.

  14. Yeah it's been fun so far, I personally don't watch much modded but I like the hermits so I'll try some of their new series from time to time

  15. The three candidates I'd consider are Vaudeville Villain, Benzi Box, and All Caps. Vaudeville Villain has the evil laugh and a general bombastic villain vibe. In IMAX with some bass it would go pretty hard. Benzi Box is obvious because it literally starts with "His name's DOOM" and it paints DOOM as a mysterious masked character. All Caps is well recognised and I think the instrumentals would make for a good intro montage of sorts. It also has the "You can call me your Majesty" line which goes with Doctor Doom being the head of state of an actual country.

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