One Piece: Chapter 1079

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  1. Yes, or course. And it influenced many manga and anime that came after it. Notably Oda Eiichiro of ONE PIECE has mentioned that Muscle Man had a huge influence on his career

  2. I mean the first thing I noticed was that the Chinese stereotype is literally Apoo from One Piece

  3. Lafiette and/or Shiryu would be my best guesses. They're both expert infiltrators (Shiryu by DF, Lafiette by skill) and we haven't seen them for a long time. Not to mention we've seen them paired up before, when Burgess landed on Baltigo.

  4. Shiryu makes so much sense here imo. Egghead definitely has Impel down vibes. The impending huge event, teaming up with former antagonists

  5. Chapter 1 Shanks: "You can insult me, you can even spit on me, and I'll just laugh it off. But if you hurt my friends, I won't forgive you!"

  6. Also Shanks in Chapter 1: “I’m saying it’s not safe to point guns”

  7. hff says:

    Damn now this is a very long callback

  8. Would not be surprised whatsoever if Kidds awakening was designed with this in mind

  9. Okay, Judge has every right to be a 99. Glad we agree

  10. He’s just a salty Giants fan lol. If Judge had went there he would be saying the complete opposite

  11. And you guys are obviously biased Yankee fans, so as far as I can tell we’re at an impasse.

  12. He had objectively the best non steroid season at the plate for a hitter since fucking Mickey Mantle wtf are you talking about man?

  13. The way sports game control the market, I hate it… but I pre ordered the jeter edition 🥹🤣

  14. Wouldn’t have even bought it if Jeter wasn’t on the special edition cover lol. First physical game I’ve bought in years

  15. This is why im not mad at this. I think DJ is a top 15 QB and the market will reflect that by the time the season starts.

  16. You still don’t win a Super Bowl with a “top 15 qb” holy shit. I’ll play qb for the giants for $100 a year, great value right!

  17. Yeah it either takes a super stud QB on a huge deal

  18. 100%. People don’t realize Eli was a special case so it clouds their judgement. Eli could play like a super stud QB and did when it mattered most, even if he wasn’t like that all the time. We haven’t seen any flashes of super stud QB play from DJ. The examples people are giving are against the worst defenses in the nfl, which hardly matters at the end of the day

  19. Shortest depth of target in the league really helps with that huh

  20. How many deep plays were dialed up for him? How many deep balls did slayton drop in the playoffs alone? What’d you sleep walk through this whole season just to continue hating on dimes? Dabs playbook was to our teams strengths, which was not getting open deep, hence why schoen has openly said he’s looking for wr that can get separation over anything else. Try knowing what you’re talking about before you start talking shit.

  21. I literally just gave you the statistic. It’s “depth of target” not depth of completion. Slayton wasn’t nearly as bad as you Jones cock suckers keep insisting he was by pretty much every metric. They even said early on they had to limit what they asked him to do because he has very clear limitations.

  22. for sure not sus. even the cheat dev calling her out isn’t sus nor her being a tarkov god with insane KD after being a minecraft youtuber

  23. Almost like a cheater can see her username and recognize that he can say something like that to cause all of you people to go apeshit over nothing…..

  24. I don’t entirely disagree, but to go back to SerHodor’s point, if we went 3-14 with a QB who threw/ran for 22 TDs in 16 games and led a bottom 6 passing offense, he would be laughed out of the room if he asked for $45M. Now we obviously didn’t go 3-14, but 8 of our 9 wins were by 1 score, which analysts typically regard as being 50/50 and not sustainable long term, so us going 5-11-1 or something isn’t completely unreasonable if we didn’t get a couple lucky bounces

  25. Not just analysts, it was obvious for everyone to see and the Vikings were a prime example. Record number of one score wins and everyone knew they weren’t legit. Curious to see how well people on this sub think we will do next season with DJ behind center vs a harder outside of division schedule. Considering we only one divisional game all year, it’s pretty concerning the amount of confidence people have in us making the playoffs again with what would be no saquon and a harder strength of schedule

  26. I am 100% expecting us to regress next season, especially since Schoen has made it clear that he’s not going to make any splash moves. I think it’s funny how so much of this sub wants us to make all these all-in moves, when literally the last 2 times we tried going all-in we ended up drafting in the top 5

  27. I was worried about this ever since the playoff matchup came up tbh… If Schoen thought how this sub did, DJ would owe the Vikings D a LOT of money

  28. Way to miss the entire point of my post dude. No, just simply no. When you have a QB who shows that they can rise to the occasion, you keep that guy. You can't just keep throwing draft capital at QB every 4-5 years waiting to accidentally fall face first into the next Mahomes. That's what perennially bad teams like the Jets do.

  29. If Jones played well against the eagles he would’ve “rose to the occasion”, but he didn’t. If you think playing well vs the worst passing defense in the nfl is rising to the occasion just because it’s in the wild card game, idk what to tell you man

  30. Well he spelled better with one t so I would say retarded is a safe assumption

  31. I don’t think it’s so much that his athletic tools have depleted. His sprint speed this year (27.9 ft/s) was only .2 ft/s slower than 2018, his best year (28.1 ft/s). His arm strength was still great (92nd percentile) and his fielding was still good (61 percentile).

  32. Agreed. I’ve never seen someone jog to balls in the field so much. Runners take extra bases on him so much that you would think he has a noodle arm. It’s so strange to watch because you know Boone is the only manager that would let him get away with it

  33. I did, but I’d have to imagine Rickey jogging is basically Hicks running….

  34. It’s almost exactly what happened with him and Viola to the point I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a reference to it.

  35. My friend, the people who shit on Morj almost never watch his videos

  36. Have watched enough of his videos to know he is condescending as fuck while also acting like

  37. I feel like that’s an unfair comparison because those are the same people that often follow baseball and hockey as well. Just like any sport, a low scoring game can be more or less exciting depending on how well it’s played. Super Bowl XLII is considered one of the best games ever played and it was 17-14. A 2-1 pitching duel is a nail biter the whole way through.

  38. Well, maybe I am overreacting as a big soccer fan- someone who's had season tickets to an MLS team and a German team when living abroad. I've personally heard many jokes about low score lines in soccer.

  39. Those are definitely fair points. I’d say for your average fan that’s how it is for baseball, but if you follow your team pretty closely those low scoring games are more entertaining. That’s probably the same way for soccer tbh.

  40. Because we won 2 super bowls with Eli Manning against the GOAT, and the Eagles beat him with Foles.

  41. DJ hasn’t shown half of what Eli has in terms of potential come on. Eli was only able to play so well because he played up to his full potential in those playoff runs. He WAS a top qb in the league when he was on, and he could win a qb duel against anyone. His issues were his lows, never his highs. DJ got rid of a ton of his lows this season, but his “highs” came against the worst defenses in the NFL. He’s a perfectly serviceable qb for a team that has everything else built and only needs a game manager. He would be fantastic on the niners tbh. The giants really just aren’t the right fit for him right now. He hasn’t shown that he can be that guy who can win a game vs elite teams when he has to take control, and that’s what it takes to win a SB

  42. Does it make sense to tag Jones and take a QB if things line up right in the draft?

  43. Really curious how the front office sees their ability to trade up in this draft. It’s an incredible qb year that people have been waiting for for years. If Schoen and DaBoll can get their guy, now is certainly the time for it. The reality is, no matter what you think of Jones, guys at his level hit FA regularly. Those true superstars never do, so if they think one of the draft picks will be one, they gotta do it.

  44. What? Where have you seen this draft class for qbs as being one of the best in years?

  45. People have been pointing to this year for QBs for like 3 years man I don’t have a specific source if that’s what you’re asking lol. Not going back through old articles if you don’t believe me

  46. I mean it’s obvious your only looking at his video titles, not what he actually says. He has an editor that edits and uploads all his stream highlights just like most streamers. He doesn’t even make the titles himself lol. Most of the time when a video title says that he’s actually contradict it in the video. He’s a pretty honest dude don’t really get where the hate comes from

  47. It seems extremely, extremely unlikely thats the case. Guys could throw hard in the past sure, but here we are now 100 years later with the sport exponentially more far reaching and competitive and guys in otherwordly shape and condition compared to the past, and we still have freaks of nature like Chapman throwing their heart out and hitting 105. We're already close to the upper limit on what a human arm can withstand, and the difference between 102 and 105 is absolutely massive, the difference between 105 and 108 would be like another order of magnitude more ridiculous so I think it's really really fuckin unlikely some random dudes from 50 years ago were doing it

  48. Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller. Some random dudes. lol.

  49. What does age have to do with knowing whether or not someone is cheating in a video game?

  50. It’s just a shit excuse people use when they’re older than someone who is better at something than them because they think it shows weakness or some dumb shit. Very commonly used by parents too.

  51. People are upset that other people don’t like the same things as them. Whether it’s sub or dub, or anime or manga, it’s really fucking lame to hate on other people who enjoy the same story as you just in a different way.

  52. It's not about being upset about what people like, and there's no hate towards anyone in this sub. The only hate I feel is towards toei running one piece weekly, rather than doing it justice and giving it 20 EPs a year or so. I don't care about the animation quality, it's fine, and there are definitely things that anime can do much better than a manga can, but none of that matters if it feels so slow it's boring. Get your head out your arse and stop assuming people are disrespecting people, when what they're really disrespecting is a horrible atrocity that has befallen one of their favourite things in the world. :) #fucktoei #loveonepiecefans #wellmostofthem

  53. I think most people agree that the anime has been dropping the ball in terms of pacing and general quality for a while, but there’s no reason to bring that up when someone is just saying they enjoy the anime. Just let them enjoy it and go about your day. If you wanna voice your opinion about it, do it towards Toei, not someone here.

  54. Excuse me, half the time Toei replaces it with cum

  55. They always make those horny posts on new accounts.

  56. The caption on the other one is so bad holy

  57. This is a fact but of course this sub has become an eagles circlejerk and anything criticizing them is downvoted to hell. Honestly I hope the other fans crawl out of the woodwork after the eagles lose because this sub is boring as fuck rn

  58. Was fr thinking of unsubbing. Anything that isn’t sucking the eagles dicks is getting downvoted

  59. Yep. David is 17 and Lucy is 20. That’s not grooming or pedophilia. At most it’s a little weird/gray but not to the point of being legitimately unethical. Misato, Makima, and Himeno are all in their late 20s manipulating kids with sex appeal. Himeno was actually going to have sex with Denji and Misato offered it to him, and they’ve both done tons of other inappropriate things that should put them on a watch list. Lucy isn’t comparable to them.

  60. I get the post is a joke but you seem serious. You can’t be that stupid to think that Misato offered Shinji sex lol. She was literally about to die and the only reason she even kissed him was to shock him into waking tf up. He was the only one who could save the world and was being dragged around like a zombie.

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