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  1. It mostly depends on how far along they are. Usually one driver has the right to claim some space when he has his front wheels past the rear wheels of the driver ahead or, most recently, when he has half his car past the rear wheels of the other. If this is the Cas the driver ahead must concede some space to the driver behind, otherwise he has the right over the corner and can close the door on the other driver coming through

  2. I always forget that Germany is the size of 5 Germanys

  3. We also call them frollini if they're not biscotti but than I guess that depends if they're made of pasta frolla or not

  4. He’s not stupid. Duty is heavier than a mountain.

  5. And a win. You don't give up wins if you can. Max had already won everything he could have won and was in p6 with no chances even for a podium. They're not the same thing and to say they are is either dumb or malicious.

  6. Will he retain his job as an engineer? I think he only lacked tp ability but the work he's done in maranello is good

  7. The reasons are he's pretty selfish and childish. Dude had literally nothing to loose but the relationship inside the garage. Really makes no sense. Either he's that selfish or there are indeed tensions inside the team.

  8. No. Ferrari clearly had the fastest car for a non-insignificant part of the season. They just made too many blunders where it never ended up mattering, then eventually they got outdeveloped.

  9. This. The first half of the season was pretty much even car-wise. Ferrari suffered too much from reliability (Austria, Baku, and Spain on top of my head) shitty strategy (Hungary and silverstone) and the occasional driver error (sainz in Australia and Spain, lec in Imola and France) on top of that add luck (sainz in Imola, both of them in monaco got stuck behind Williams ignoring blue flags). Than the reg change hit (I think this was the biggest problem since from what I know the car became much more difficult to properly setup aggravating the tyre management problem) and some development didn't bring the desired outcome.

  10. I was going into this quiz full of confidence and left with only 2 correct answers

  11. 95 theses on the Vatican’s Facebook wall.

  12. Well it has become existential for Putin at this point. Dictators don’t retire, they are overthrown.

  13. I think 1 car will just be a GT crew. A few drivers have been doing a shit ton of testing with the car already.

  14. Ferraris worst performance of the season. Since that TD, that car has been utterly useless

  15. I really wonder what happened. Although this circuit is different than any other one.

  16. This circuit should have benefitted them tho with their high downforce concept. It sure helped Mercedes since their brick like aerodynamics isn't as important.

  17. I hope the setup is more fmrace oriented because if it's not it's gonna be painful

  18. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more bitter than Alonso is about Hamilton

  19. Have you ever heard of the tragedy of darth nico "I've beaten Lewis on equal machinary" Rosberg?

  20. The cifred sword. It's such a cool and epic sword (both Lore wise and aesthetically) that it's a shame it doesn't deal a lot of damage and the weapon art isn't some sort of combo. Plus you get it once you reach leyndell and from that pint onward almost everything is resistant to holy. (holy damage has its own problems because of lack of an obscure holy damage)

  21. Honestly the twsbi diamond 580 is a great starter point: a pretty design if you like modern looks, great personalization options with affordable nibs, ease of use and cleaning. If you can throw in the inkwell as well than it's even better. I think it's better than the eco because it's more easy to disassemble and feels less cheap too. Otherwise you can never really go wrong with a lamy safari or even a cp1 if you like the look better, in these cases get the converter to switch to bottled ink asap.

  22. I really really miss the cutting of tails from ds1, they never replicated it but it was a cool gimmick and extra challenge. Being able to carry ball bearings through ng is a cool feature and also being able to chose the weapon art.

  23. This is my favorite game. This is my favorite thread as of recently my question is to all of you tarnished that do NG+. why do you do it? For me I find the game without the farming, without the grinding to get the build up an running a stompfest devoid of meaning. That sounds harsh and I don't mean it to insult anyone it's just personally I find it hollow.

  24. Doing bosses with a complete build and getting things you missed/fuked up (npc quests mainly since there aren't +1/2/3 talismans locked in new games like in ds3 for example. From my experience ng+ is the easiest run in other souls but idk about elden ring sinc eim in my first playtrough. After ng++ and beyond the game starts to be difficult.

  25. While shire number of win in a season is still damn impressive for max percentages show how dominant shumi was in 2004

  26. Bro watch the start. Sainz was clearly going for the switcharoo and everyone could have predicted his trajectory by simply looking at him going so much to the right after being catched by max at the start.

  27. A switcharoo just doesn't work when 20 cars approach t1 at the same time...

  28. It would have worked fine if Russel hadn't outbraked himself trying to pass Lewis (who was further ahed and still managed to avoid sainz). Yes it was riskier that usual doing that at the start but nothing so reckless to be blamed on sainz.

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