1. The blue one looks different in every photo I see if it’s a light baby blue I’d get it

  2. Been playing for half a year now, so the 180s are quite rare for me… Don’t know if I can count this one🤔

  3. I wouldn’t count it unless you aimed for it with every dart

  4. In one show Peter says sorry then says have you ever heard of a far left ever saying sorry even once😂😭 it’s right wing for sure

  5. Ngl most people are shit, you get like 1 or 2 good players though, loads of people join a team never even played darts Dw it will be fine

  6. I know this is an old post but do you have visual snow or are you autistic? They can both have photophobia as a symptom without actually affecting the eye itself but the brain.

  7. I don’t have either of them also was never light sensitive then suddenly woke up one day and was.. didn’t start till 22

  8. Just watch Naruto or my hero academia while you wait for the anime to return lol

  9. There’s no shame in being weak, the shame is in staying weak

  10. Would of liked adrian Lewis to sort his shit out 😂😂

  11. Hardly any culture left and we’re flooded with immigrants just stay away 😂😂😂

  12. Maybe I’m just confused, but how does supposed NATO aggression justify invading a non-NATO country?

  13. He said it would if we didn’t back off, also if he attacked nato it would basically be ww3 are you stupid

  14. I’m not stupid, but some brain cells definitely died from reading anything you commented. NATO has no goal of expanding into Russian territory or doing a hostile takeover or being the one to initiate a war with another superpower. Poland is armed in a defensive manner after having Putin’s threats leveled toward them. Something tells me Finland is about to do the same or something similar.

  15. His hands were forced because nato didn’t back down and the fact is he will win the war, so regardless of your leftist views more people will die in vain unless they surrender Elon is 100% correct

  16. I’m getting the same problem I have a tank that blows out loads I’m only vaping like 0.2mg nicotine I make my own liquid, it’s the same tank, coils and liquid but I just don’t feel right after I vape and it lasts quite a long time

  17. I throw like you without setting it up to aim, having a set position doesn’t help, gives you more time to overthink aswell but I have noticed if I’m playing bad if I slow the back swing a bit it does improve

  18. That's a great haul, I'll be well happy if I get those when mine arrive 🤞

  19. Two words in your sentence THINK . Don't think just play and focus . The arms and body should do the rest . We all have bad patches but overthinking will cause problems imo

  20. Yeah I play worse when I’m conscious of what I’m doing but it’s hard to not think about it for me anyway 😂

  21. Think that’s the problem think I played better playing once a week

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