1. No one, not even the world’s biggest Jokic fans, said Embiid’s season was unworthy of an mvp, just that Jokic was more worthy.

  2. With all the weird capitalization I thought this was some hidden message about current events but it’s truly just weird capitalization

  3. who cares about curry. Could the Houston Rockets Improve this Season? Personally, i think that Alperen and Usman have Looked Fine even though their Usage looked Considerably better earlier this year. Kevin porter jr and Eric gordon are really Disrespected on this sub, with the latter averaging 0.4 blocKs on the road. If the team improves and the starters make better use of their Minutes, then Kevin could really lead the team somewhere special.

  4. I think they would’ve had awesome reactions to today’s events

  5. I think the PG on the suns is pretty solid at offense. Really good at catching other players off guard. Idk about defense though, shaky recently. Good at stealing the ball but not protecting his own

  6. Could Houston get better? I think so. Luckily for them the Draft lottery can Probably get them wemby. Or they can Reach for scoot. No way they suck for more than Three years though

  7. But what about Other games? their Ws have been solid, and TOs haven’t even been that bad. Prior games? And Undeniably, you can only take so many Ls. GOD i hope things get better

  8. Kevin isn’t even that bad though. Although, i Never really thought about Your point. Even though he’s pretty good.

  9. I just don’t get it. After the incredible spike from the playoffs and the bright future we had, why are teams less committed to paying for good players than they were going into last year?

  10. Oh hey a Georgetown fan. Nice to see you.

  11. I used to always be in the game threads. Haven’t commented all season. We’re awful

  12. I made a post about how running isn't a great way to maintain offensive success or to pull away from teams.

  13. You don’t understand game script. If running the ball hadn’t worked so well the Eagles would’ve passed more. But their run defense was Swiss cheese.

  14. Bro…that was 2 games ago…why would anyone be thinking about that?

  15. It’s not that I was actively thinking about it. It was just a random thought that popped into my mind when he had this great touchdown—that I had been too harsh on him a few games ago. It’s not deep

  16. Justin Fields imma let you finish… but Jalen Hurts is the best rushing quarterback of all time

  17. He's on pace for 412 rushing yards in this game alone!

  18. I really love how people make these threads when the answer is obvious. Even though Watson shouldn’t even be in the nfl anymore, now that he’s back he’s a significant upgrade over Brissett. Literally how could th say not benefit Njoku

  19. And I was just getting excited about how good he looked running the ball

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