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  1. I didn’t notice a vocal change either and usually I would, so obviously have to go back and watch!

  2. My mom used to work on cases like this. This is absolutely (if in the US) breaking the law

  3. Damn really? Now I’m worried about what else you may not understand. Praying for you

  4. K. They look good together and they make “more sense” than Kete, but like this smells a little PR? Idk, I don’t hate it (I like it tbh) I’m just 🧐🤨 lol

  5. Yeah these pics are way too good (like photo quality and not one of them sneaking out of the other’s hotel) and staged

  6. I was literally thinking to myself what is wrong with your cat and didn’t realize what sub I was on lol. If this doesn’t fit the sub title to a T lol

  7. Yeah none of this is believable kourtney would never discipline her children

  8. Yeah the you’re getting it when I see you or whatever was what sealed it as fake to me lol Kourtney would never

  9. Why does she refer to herself as more than one person? “He has money, which WE love” Like I’m just wondering who’s we

  10. I took we to mean all women or her and Shanae (who she was talking to when she said it). I think she phrased it that way because the alternative would be “I love his money” and would not be a great soundbite/wouldn’t make her look good

  11. This is one of the least surprising things I’ve seen on here lol but great hot gos!

  12. Love remy! Pointless anecdote: my sister ran into him at a party and begged him to send a video to me plus my sister saying “or the Starbucks”

  13. He did but we don’t have the video anymore! He was visibly weirded out at being recognized and treated like a celebrity but her was super nice apparently, that Arlington video had only come out a few months earlier at the time! 😂

  14. I heard they broke up bc he was absolutely disgusted by her BBL

  15. “Most likely clinically depressed” like are you a physician? Then no you can’t even say most likely. That stupid wording is even meant to get her off of the technicalities of diagnosing people. So gross

  16. I read this as, "mostly likely has an untreated mental illness" and felt so bad for them. I have seen family get swept up in cults that make them feel like suddenly they are fine but it wears off.

  17. My wife says Hungry Sumo is the spot. We just had this conversation the other day. All I know is thai-an-mite is not the place. They suck.

  18. HUNGRY SUMO!!!! The pink lady or whatever the hell that roll is called is hands down the best sushi roll I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve lived all over

  19. I like how the captions tell the story! Lol glad you didn’t get sucked in although I will say it looks like your friends are a lost cause

  20. It’s so sad as they are not super persistent into asking me or others to join unlike some other people who non stop talk about mlm and make their personality.

  21. It’s also tougher because it’s a couple and not just one person, but two you’d need to talk sense into. Which sucks because since they aren’t that pushy, they sound a bit more reasonable and people who have the emotional intelligence to understand what no means. That’s too bad

  22. Their answer to the complexity of financial planning is to jam everyone into an overpriced whole life insurance policy. And if that’s not bad enough, they are proprietary, so it’s difficult to transfer it to something less onerous.

  23. Thank you for explaining. I almost bought a policy through an army friend who was SO ANNOYING and pressure-y about it. So glad I didn’t!

  24. You made the right call. The overwhelming majority of people need a term life policy. Insurance exists to protect against risk. Death isn’t a risk, it’s a certainty. The real risk is premature death when people are dependent on you.

  25. Thank you! So insane I literally thought they were like a normal financial institution. I had zero idea. Most mlms- to those who’ve been in this community for a min- can spot them but this one came out of left field for me

  26. Here it is “I could give two fucks about sides”

  27. Holy fucking shit. Selena sucks what the hell is that comment. Straight trash…just, wow. No words.

  28. I mean… she grew up poor with a teenaged mother and then became a child star. I don’t think she had a solid education. She’s also long been part of culty Pentecostal churches that preach conservative values under the veil of being “hip” and “cool”. I’m not sure why we’re surprised she might not have the best critical thinking skills.

  29. I mean it’s more how blatantly rude she was in that tweet when she’s always preaching kindness and caring and love and whatever the hell else. Obviously yes, people can grow, they can also have bad days…just given all the francia shit plus this insane tweet makes her looks like Jekyll and hyde imo

  30. This comment is super after the fact bc someone linked it in another post but holy shit did not know this about NWM and am so glad I read this. Thank you to OP and all commenting.

  31. At some point in your life, you’ll notice just how many Bolivian restaurants are in the Virginia area, specifically Fairfax County, and eventually, you’ll try Bolivian food one way or another.

  32. Luzmary in Falls Church and La Cochabambina in Annandale are the two spots I frequent most. There’s also Cafe Sazón in Arlington, though they serve more than just Bolivian cuisine.

  33. Idk how she saw the picture and still commented what she did 💀

  34. Honey, please pay attention during tarp. I’m concerned for our national security lol

  35. AITA for stabbing a cop even if HE STABBED ME FIRST!

  36. OP- this is insane lol. Also this woman can’t spell nor can she talk to a real human with basic social decency and customer service…”skills”? Like yikes. What did the head office say when you explained this whole shit show to them? I’d hope you wouldn’t have to pay anything given the circumstances but we all know how these companies work

  37. I thought this was an old pic bc she looks way more filled out than other recent pics

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