1. I highly doubt that's going to happen because Spider-Man has been and always will be a lone wolf superhero (Like Batman and Punisher combined).And don't give me that Bullshit about Bruce's bat family because I hear that some of them are either dead or disbanded.

  2. This is why I think happy is going to become the hobgoblin he blames spider man for Mays death & who knows how much stark technology he still has access to?

  3. Doomsday still wins because of he's basically invincible and unkillable at this point and there's nothing that Hulk can do to put Doomsday down for good.

  4. I don't hate it really, it have good connections but the animation potential isn't really something im intrigued with.

  5. I think that Vixen should be the person who fights Black Panther on the off chance he ever returns someday.

  6. Barely any of these fit the theme, unless I missed a part of Tarzan where he entered the speedforce, or black manta managed to upgrade his jetpack to jet him fly at 20x the speed of light

  7. Not really, a speedster is a character who basically threw all points into speed and just put what was left into other random categories.

  8. Ok fine maybe some of them aren't speedsters,but these are speed vs strength themed MU's which technically fits the theme even if not by much.

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