1. FFL is straight up MLM so be aware of that. Look into a State farm agency. You can open your own or find a good one to work at while building to open your own.

  2. That's a great point. I also almost worked with Liberty Mutual as well, but their prelicensing was difficult to finish (it was all online then), so I kept applying for other agencies.

  3. I'd investigate the multiple class-action lawsuits FFL is dealing with before comparing these two companies. While I understand that SFG offers less comp to incoming agents, FFL is a much less respected company in the industry. The worst of their many issues is that FFL profits off the sale of leads to their agents, while most other IMO's do the opposite and actually subsidize the cost of leads. That is why you get a bigger comp from FFL. It's hilarious to hear that FFL agents are stealing information from SFG to try and tell recruits that it's a scam..

  4. I used to work as an appointment scheduler for a solar panel business (sales industry job), and I started to loathe working in sales after that.So that's when I became a travel agent; I want to get into insurance as a full-time position, and make travel more of a part-time position instead.

  5. Update - I decided moving back to Staten Island & NY State, is stupid at this point.

  6. No disrespect, but I recommend revising your plans because the housing market is currently very unfavorable towards buyers. The bubble probably will pop in a year or two and that might help, but without a large down payment and excellent credit, it's unrealistic presently. I am currently in contract for a fix-er-up co-op, the closing has taken longer than expected due to circumstances, in the few months its been since I signed and now the listing prices for comparable places in the vicinity has risen like $15,000 to around $200,000.

  7. You don't really have one. Believe me I've tried. It's not like a regular bank account. You only have a card #. Some bills you pay will take their debit # so I use that. The rest I had to make a bank account specifically to put money into from my card to pay my bills that I can't use my card for. It's messed up. I found no other way around it besides giving someone I trust money to put into their acct to pay it. Don't do that. Seriously we disabled people get screwed so often. I have people I love in my life but people can be awful and just walk off with your bill money and you're left with an unpaid electric bill. If you call there is a snowballs chance in hell that you will get a real person. If you find out anything different than what I've told you please let me know. I busted my ass for answer's this card is a pain. Especially since that app doesn't work anymore. They really screwed us there.

  8. I also have a Capital One card.But I'll have to transfer my money to my PayPal account, then from PayPal to my Capital One account, and then withdraw it from Capital One.

  9. I've been a fan of Tayler for about two years now, since his YouTube vlog days. I believe him & stand with him 100%.

  10. I think Ansel is hot. He's one of my top celebrity crushes, next to MGK, Channing Tatum and Zayn Malik.

  11. I’d believe it. More than me, for sure, but I’m not the one spewing crap all over the Internet about how awesome I am….

  12. cut me of in the middle of my comment...terrible internet today. my uncle was really controlling like that. i was allowed to go to work and school and that was it. i had to make fake work schedules to do anything else. sometimes he'd follow me places and sit in his truck and spy on me to make sure i was where i was supposed to be or because he was pissed i was somwewhere i wasn't supposed to be. he controlled my whole life. i left a couple years ago.

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