1. The only way Khloe will ever let Tristan go is if HE broke up with her and got into a new relationship.

  2. Nah, she will still be around. I feel she would be happy to be the other woman😭 hasn’t she done that before with him🫠

  3. I don’t think she will ever leave until she realises her self worth. Right now he knows he has so much control over her so he ain’t going anywhere., sadly.

  4. No…it happens a lot when your sports bra is high impact and it smashes your boobs and they leak to the side. Not sure if I am making sense, but it happens to me a lot.

  5. I can’t believe the media broke them up. Kim isn’t the same since the drama 😔🥹

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll get back together someday and get married like JLo and Ben! 🤞🤞

  7. I think there is hope. Hopefully in the new season she opens up about her feelings x

  8. They have similar eyes. If you look at current pictures and cover there nose and just leave eyes you will not know who is who

  9. There was a rumour Justin and Kourtney dated. So people say he is Reign’s biological dad

  10. Basically Selena said Taylor is her only good friend in the industry. But didn’t acknowledge Francesca, who literally gave her a fucking kidney.

  11. But why? Nick Jonas is far moved on and married with a child and all of the other adults in this situation are far moved on. Critiquing Selena (or anyone) at times is valid when it’s warranted but late-teenage relationship drama from a decade ago would be the last thing to criticize anyone for.

  12. Obviously I have recovered, but it was just an expression. Could careless about Nick right now 🤣

  13. Don’t worry, I am more worried about getting by in this recession 😮‍💨😭

  14. The point is your topic of conversation isn’t bringing any conversation as many have already stated this overdone and boring. Khloe insecurities come from this topic and you wanting to talk further about it because you want to be entertained is sad and tragic. If you are bored go read a book or something. I believe this content is more appropriate for the snark page, you might find people who want to talk about this particular topic.

  15. These individuals put their lives in front of a TV for a reality series. What is wrong with discussing a topic that wasn’t ever fully addressed? Maybe you have talked about it to others hundreds of times and others have not. People mourn over their loved ones and talk about it. That’s tragic. So you don’t want people to talk about it? Have you ever thought of it that way?

  16. You sound boring😮‍💨 anyways, go off and investigate is Alex is khloe steal dad. I hope that improves your quality of life xx

  17. Eight-stage interview process? They are targeting the desperate, so, it's likely a bad environment or low pay..

  18. The salary was good, it was between £65-80k, but the company was small, around 300 people. But the more people comment maybe it’s good I didn’t make it? I am speaking to the recruiter tomorrow so hopefully she clarifies

  19. What happened at the Grammys? I’m not trying to be rude! Other than the Super Bowl, what’s happening with Adidas is going on too!

  20. While Harry accepted his Grammy for best album someone shouted it should have been Beyoncé, so people said it’s similar to what Kanye did to Taylor.

  21. Ohhhh I didn’t know this! This Adidas situation is happening in real time too. For the people that don’t know what’s going on look into stuff before y’all start downvoting people!

  22. Yeah the adidas thing came up on Friday/Saturday, but the current trending is to do with the Super Bowl. A lot of people wished he wasn’t cancelled so he could have been there

  23. Maybe she loves delicious food? She’s a literal stick and claims to be mostly vegan. For how much she claims to work out the results are just not there. And this is nothing you can refute.

  24. Just because she claims to be vegan doesn’t mean she doesn’t like delicious food. Vegan food can also contain lots of calories. Also if you compare pictures of Kim now vs ending of last year, she looks healthier than before.

  25. I did…that’s why I commented. A lot of people commenting have no fucking clue about working out or know what she eats. Working out doesn’t mean you have to lose or gain, you can workout to maintain your body. She clearly doesn’t need to do heavy weights if all she wants to do is maintain what she has.

  26. why cant you just except that someone dislikes a character that you like? the comment you replied to wasn't hostile or defensive, your just sensitive lol. if you think thats hostile then you clearly dont know the definition of the word. i wasn't even speaking to you in that comment so why did you feel the need to hop on my case?

  27. It’s a difficult battle. I have noticed an undying loyalty for Jules in this sub. She could kill someone and there will be 2837382 reasons why she isn’t a bad person 😮‍💨😪

  28. Hey, I say always counter, it would be good to highlight why you think you deserve money. At the end of the day they want to hire you, so giving you an extra 10k shouldn’t be much of a problem unless what they offer you is the max of their budget for the role.

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