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  1. AFAIK ATMOS is a way of emulating surround using only stereo speakers, don't quote me on that as I know barely anything about it

  2. I think they're planning on finishing filming around the time that the series premiers, so this should give them way more time in post production compared to previous seasons

  3. If there's some good trade in deals (I'm in the UK so very unlikely) then I'll probably get an s23 ultra

  4. Its gonna be strange not seeing his lives pop up anymore

  5. Either get a new phone or replace the battery, you don't want the battery to be at risk of blowing up

  6. Didn't expect piers to be using btinternet as his email

  7. Merry Christmas from the West Coast of Scotland

  8. By not paying us our commission 2 months in a row 😁😁😁

  9. This reminds me of a while back when Nintendo added an extra high performance mode to the switch for Devs

  10. Fortnite is just pretty bad with its shader compilation on all gpus, it's not just an AMD thing

  11. Luigis Mansion 3 was a great game back when it came out, it was great fun playing

  12. He said that he bought his rift before Facebook bought oculus, but the only headsets out before that were the dk1 and dk2

  13. I've had mine since the 7th, it's probably a carrier thing

  14. I have to use Google pay as my bank doesn't support samsung pay

  15. Its probably taking it from the displayport / hdmi specification

  16. Send Gamers Nexus a massage about it. The wanna know as many as possible about it

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