1. Holy shit I had to scroll far. I have to say I was looking for «Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End» though but the 2nd game is also a 10/10.

  2. LoT was the most consistent of the Arrowverse shows. I didn't really like season 1, as I strongly disliked Vandal Savage as the arc went on, never really got into Rip Hunter, and the stupid Hawk people made me want to shove an icepick up my nose and root around. After s1, it really settles into a groove.

  3. I disagree but I do think LoT is the 2nd most consistent show, but Arrow tops it imo. I just think that S4-S6 of LoT wasn’t that great. However, all the other seasons are amazing. Arrow on the other hand only has 4B, and some of 6 that are weak. The rest is above average.

  4. It would be a lot easier to cheer if they’d throw us a little bone in the way of a teaser trailer or something.

  5. 8x02 and 8x19 were the two best episodes last season, so a bummer if Gabriel Garza won’t be writing any longer.

  6. His face doesn’t look like a 40 year old man, even if you take away his hair in my opinion.

  7. Sex is just a distraction, a drain to your life source, so about that money…

  8. Are kids a distraction? A drain to your life source? You would need to choose the «unlimited sex» option if you want biological kids.

  9. I actually thought season 4 was ok, i liked Damian darhk and it's kind of the last time we get to see a more classic team arrow before the other team gets formed in season 5 (I don't like the new team at all tbh)

  10. Yeah this is the main reason I picked S4. The team is so good, the originals are the best. The new team are good but doesn’t really compare to the old team.

  11. omg ur telling me i have to start watching supergirl AND flash?

  12. You probably missed Arrow 3x08’s crossover with Flash as well then.

  13. Haven’t watched Ftwd and the other show far enough, but it’s basically the helicopter people right?

  14. If you like the show, watch it. If you don’t, don’t. I wouldn’t recommend skipping anything. Season 5 is the only amazing season after 4, unfortunately.

  15. Well it's Arrow. It's either "Thank you for telling me the truth" or "You lied to me don't ever speak to me again". Choose one.

  16. And most shows would just have the «You lied to me don’t ever speak to me again». Props to them that they actually went ahead and did something different.

  17. F bombs are rare on cable due to censorship guidelines. Those aren't required on cable they can swear but networks usually don't like too much of it. They do it in season 11 though so it happens more now

  18. Well in Better Call Saul they said the F bomb at least every 2 episodes, and it’s on AMC. Don’t get how a show like that gets more F bombs than a post apocalyptic zombie show.

  19. This is an arrow subreddit so I expect arrow to win, but flash s1 is incredible. That was on par with arrow season 2 for me as the second best season of the arrowverse behind arrow season 1

  20. End Part 1 has 11.5K+ ratings [8.2] where as End Part 2 has 1.5K ratings [9.1]

  21. The reason as to why there are two ratings is because «The End, Part 1» was rated by people when they didn’t understand the ending and they just voted it 1, etc, because they thought everybody was dead this whole time.

  22. Yes, I can understand why they changed it from a two-episode premiere to a three-episode premiere. Probably a lot more of the casuals will now check in in the following weeks since episode 3 was so great. If they only release the first 2, many would’ve probably stopped.

  23. Because it costs money to do the effect to change the voice. It’s not just clicking a button. It could only take a couple minutes if I’m being honest, but it could also take a few hours. The people doing that have to be paid. That takes money from the budget. Also the blurring of the face costs money for the cgi budget to make it look good.

  24. Honestly it can’t cost that much, not that much that it would stop them from using it because of saving money. It’s must just be laziness.

  25. It’s not an issue of how much money it costs. It’s whether or not it’s worth the cost for both for however many seconds (and frames which is usually 24ish per second) you’re using it for, in comparison to where that money could go in other sections of the story. If one is using cgi (specifically 3D models) as much as they have been in the last 3 seasons, it may not be worth it.

  26. But there has been plenty of times where he should’ve covered his face and use the sound modulater. It would improve the story so much, it feels so lazy that they don’t.

  27. “I fought your cousin once. He was fast, but I’m faster.”

  28. Awful episode. Prob the worst of the six

  29. I’m pretty sure I tagged my post with a spoiler thing so people would know not to read 🫤

  30. No no, I’m not saying you spoiled me, I’m saying the guy I responded to spoiled you, if you were to connect the dots.

  31. Yeah you do that by browsing the sub you doughnut

  32. If you press the + symbol at the bottom of the screen when on «Home» in Reddit. You can search for the community you want to post in, select the community and post your post. You don’t access the sub at all, I don’t know what you’re on about.

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