1. Sounds gross but I think Kelly wants Matt totally โ˜† emotionally โ˜† mentally โ˜† physically ?? sexually Nothing about this relationship seems healthy

  2. I would enjoy watching him dance with Mariah. They have similar moves

  3. Just for PR so they can show a Russian and Ukrainian getting along during the turmoil. They did a post on it

  4. I dont even think i can watch this season So fake ๐Ÿคก

  5. If you read the comments in the original post, it says they had to film a 24 minute segment all day. Its heavily scripted

  6. OMG Ari should not wear these types of pants. They make her butt look even flatter. Maybe she should train with Bini

  7. This was just to show her a$$ ...hoping to get some more FANS ONLY subscribers

  8. She looks awful. Someone needs to do an intervention already. She is addicted to plastic surgery

  9. She seems very nice and I like seeing Tom happy. I want to see more of them. Esp with Darcy watching on Pillow Talk when people say TOM HAS A TYPE

  10. Yeah we believe he kissed her ๐Ÿ˜… just not on camera due to his religion ๐Ÿคฃ lights had to be off and she had to be flipped around so he could fantasize about Zara

  11. She is a mental health nurse practioner that clearly is not stable enough for the "fandom" that came when she went on tv. Maybe she should see someone herself. First advice they would probably offer is SHUT DOWN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. I feel bad for her pain but have to admit that she looks prettier here than she did when not crying

  12. Let's stop talking about him so he goes away. Im done after this suggestion

  13. He is clearly very immature for his age and stressed over fatherhood. I dont think the show should exploit this bx I think its going to end ugly. I hope I'm wrong. Jason doesn't seem very stable

  14. Tim and Veronica should get back. They seem to have a true understanding of each other

  15. He will be back in prison for child support. How can a man play daddy to his new flame's child and forget their own?

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