1. Hi! I don't have any gyroids, but have a lot of gyroid fragments :) If you want them, I can be online around 7pm CET.

  2. I’m looking for blue hybrid flowers! But I won’t be able to log on until maybe tonight or tomorrow. If you do have some and can wait until then, please message me. Thank you in advance :)

  3. Hey, I can be online tonight, but my tonight probably isn't your tonight :D

  4. No, sorry :( But hey! You've adopted my Sasha, right? :D How is he doing?

  5. Oh no! She's one of our favorites on my island!

  6. I love her too :( But I have an amiibo card with her so I usually let her go when she asks... and then invite her again :D

  7. Hi, the player above you is trying something. If it doesnt work, I will write you. Is it okay? :) (30 minutes max)

  8. Hi there. Yep, I still have around 5 free purple roses. I am at work now but can be online at 6pm GMT.

  9. Oh wow. That's so pretty. Would love it

  10. Okay! Send me a DM with a dodo code and everything is yours :) (except the white lilies lol)

  11. Please have a right flair! I can't see your reply if you don't have it :)

  12. Hi there :) Can I get some black flowers and purple hyacinths?

  13. My favourite food is home baked goods, like brownies. And I did read the rules!

  14. Just here to say that Beau is absolutely fabulous. I am so sad he moved away. Anyway, who wants to, just ask, I have some leftover gifts ;)

  15. I have a small "snacky" giveaway during Clay's birthday :) everyone gets 11 mystery gifts.

  16. North and south hemisphere have opposite seasons. Are you looking for a NH or SH island in July-September?

  17. Oh true, looking for north hemisphere July-September. Or south hemisphere January-March.

  18. I can TT to Jan-March on my SH island for you. Do you know which Critters you're looking for? I may need to do some minor terraforming to set it up for you.

  19. I can bring you yellow rose seeds. How many would you like. Editβ€” also have red rose seeds

  20. Hi again, there was a problem with bolding my first post. I have some paintings and statues to give. If you want any, send me a DM.

  21. Hi, yes you can :) I can be online now, send me a DM if you are available.

  22. If you have a problem with selling your turnips, my nooklings buy for 189. Not much, but it may help someone :)

  23. Looking for turnips selling price at nooks cranny that's at least 100 bells, ideally 200+ per turnip but anything over 100 will do πŸ’•

  24. Hi, my app says I should have something between 200 and 540 tomorrow morning. So if you still want to, you can visit my Nooks at 8 am GMT (10 am CEST).

  25. That would be great! That's around 6 or 7pm my time (Sydney) so I'll put an alarm on and try to remember πŸ’•

  26. Okay then! :) You can send me a DM when you are ready. And hopefully it will be more than 200 :D

  27. Hi are you still available please? I would love purple roses, pink cosmos/ tulips/ roses, black lilies/ tulips and orange/blue hyacinths! No worries if not xx

  28. Hi! I can be available now :) I still have all of these. If you want to, send me a DM with a dodo code please.

  29. Can i have som black roses + lilies and orange tulips + cosmos? That would ne awesome:))

  30. Hi, definitely! Send me a DM with a dodo code please and I will deliver them :)

  31. Hello! Does anyone have Sunday morning in the game? I was out so I didn't buy turnips... But I see now I will have large spike in price.

  32. Hi! I have an open plot and would love to save some villager from the void :) could you wait 40 minutes after I finish the lunch? If not, no problem :)

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