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  1. oh my god i tested it and it made a game better than front-page games how'd you find it out?!?!?

  2. epic fail. this is about game development not exploits

  3. i feel like this is an infected game, there's too many posts about it on the subreddit to be an actual game

  4. y'know this is about game development not tiktoks right

  5. i can see how it fits into a creation though, if you created the tiktok

  6. Alr. Thanks. They can acess my modles and builds but not anything in replicatedstorage, serverscriptservice, and serverstorage right?

  7. they can access things in replicatedstorage, but not serverscriptservice and serverstorage

  8. Alr. Thanks. So bacicly if if someone wanted to right now, they could steal the whole map for the biggest games such as adopt me and brook haven right?

  9. yeah they could steal any map from any game unless the game had a good enough anticheat

  10. i'm not a lawyer so i can't tell you complicated stuff but you'll probably be alright by changing up a few aspects, maybe changing the style etc.

  11. ok then how do i unionize everything but the lone part

  12. Funky Friday has an avatar editor. also, why are you on

  13. you could use transparency 0.001 or reflectance 0.016

  14. Yes, and I know what a meme is too. This isn’t a meme. It’s not even funny. Would you actually copy-pasta this steaming pile of shit? I really doubt it. Not to mention the actual post now has 89 downvotes. So I think the sub agrees.

  15. no im pretty sure it has 93 upvotes but honestly i don't think you'd know the difference between positive and negative

  16. This isn’t a meme though. It isn’t even funny. Who would copy-pasta this? No one. It has -89 upvotes for god’s sake…

  17. are you reading the upvote count wrong or what

  18. i used pure white parts and a black inverted mesh around it

  19. this is sick! i imagine like a paper mario kinda game

  20. Go to the home page and look for a button Called UI and click it. It’s in the top right side

  21. yeah, it should be near the mobile button at the top-right of the viewport

  22. can confirm this is of the burgers ever made

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