hello i get lots of messages and i can't read them all this video took a long time to upload its for the guy whho asked for a long video of the hallway to the church after the hole. I can't kill the black bloby i can only walk through him i don't think there's anywhere else to go after that place i

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  1. There are ways to explain it, but I don't think you want to think about it too too much. If you think too much about it, some things may become a little weird and head canon-y. For example, after the police investigated Mari's death, wouldn't they notice the injuries from falling down the stairs that couldn't have occurred from what they thought was the cause of death?

  2. I feel like if you bought Hei's mask from Darker than Black, you could pretty easily turn it into this mask.

  3. Please no. This was the only fun experience I have had interacting with the NieR fandom lol

  4. You're right. That is the right order. Just checked. OP, pick the choices in this order: 2, 2, 1

  5. Guys, look it Weiss!! At 1:51, look at the top window in the middle. He ascends

  6. FINALLY!! I'm incredibly happy right now. I was actually so close to just buying it in Japanese like 3 days ago

  7. Having the same problem with my Xbox, so know you're not alone.

  8. Probably wasn't a good idea to title this post with "busted"

  9. My eyes immediately locked on to “Busted” and “Nisemonogatari” in the title, and I was worried lol

  10. Hitagi Rendezvous (Owarimonogatari Season 2 episode 3-4) has some of my favorite moments in there relationship. Specifically the ending

  11. Anytime anyone sees any shipping, people get Undertale ptsd. Which I fully understand lol

  12. Ayy it’s my boy Crust. He’s a real one

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