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Routine Arrest In Chicago Goes South Real Quick

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  1. Was he planning on driving it home even if it didnt explode? I mean he knew he destroyed that engine in 1 go right?

  2. So was the explosion planned as well? Is this part of the event to see at wich point does the motor blow?.

  3. I saw these after our most recent tornado scare. Passed right south of us, but the aftermath and sunset were gorgeous!

  4. I went to highschool with a kid. He was an honors student, in several clubs, and I believe also a valedictorian.

  5. For you guys asking; no he didn't actually say this. It's a shitpost ffs, stop using memes as your sources for education.

  6. True, even fascists said they were actually left wing and developed from socialist/communist ideologies.

  7. Might be why Stalin respected Hitler so much before Hitler invaded 🤭

  8. Fascism is more Auth Center as it is economically... malleable.

  9. I just liked his tweets. He was good for the memes too because of all the shit he said.

  10. When they send admin down to fill up a cruiser, and they realize they have to leave their desk for the first time in 3 months.

  11. Because the fat fuck who started shooting is old and a convicted felon carrying an illegal gun.

  12. Exactly. Americans are so blind. Taking away guns from the people who follow the law, might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Here in the uk we have no guns, and almost no one dies from guns. It’s not rocket science!

  13. The UK doesn't have cartels shipping crates of guns and drugs into their country, do they?

  14. Interesting thought exercise - what’s the worst thing you can do to someone that isn’t physical. Cheating is probably up there. Stealing money. Does framing them for murder count as not physical? Because that’s probably the top one.

  15. NATO becomes completely useless and ineffective and eventually dissolves.

  16. blatantly ignores the undeniable fact that aliens built the pyramids in fucking Egypt and South America

  17. Not an ID post. But if anyone does have an ID that would be cool! This was taken in northcentral Oklahoma.

  18. I mean actually he was creating a low siloette and pieing off targets as to not overexpose himself. I mean I guess to an untrained eye it doesn’t look right, but that guy looked like he knew what he was doing for the most part.

  19. Surely mass infantry attacks will work in a world of precision guided munitions.

  20. It's really easy to get complacent because you think a gun stands out during even the most basic frisk. This guy was also wearing relatively tight pants which are much more common now.

  21. I believe the gun was in his hoodie pocket. Unless I missed it, I don't think I saw it being searched.

  22. Got a link to the original? Or do you know where this was? Place looks familiar...

  23. No idea. The "original" post here was a trash version of this. I linked it here in the comments.

  24. I left a comment describing why. It's not my video, I did my best to salvage what we were given.

  25. If a person is not in "There's a very small chance of survival but they will definitely die" territory they'll probably survive

  26. There are tons of people that die from one gunshot, even if it isn't a headshot.

  27. You left out the probably just as significant part about what you are shot with. I vaguely recall an old statistic that if you survive the initial injury of a handgun wound, and get medical care, statistically speaking you will survive. But that went away with rifle calibers.

  28. Thats highly dependent on the kind of bullet as well. As you move into higher caliber, the bullet also has a better chance of fully passing through before doing its full potential damage.

  29. I have to disagree, most of the cities in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Lithuania are all very friendly and accepting. You only really encounter seriously racist people in the country side, but the same goes for America and as you'd call them "rednecks"

  30. I feel like they wouldn't make darts made for popping balloons long enough to reach the brain

  31. Also the sockets aren't open like many pieces of media would have you believe. The eyesocket is lined with a bone plate.

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