1. Tantan is a chinese dating app used primarily by the chinese, so yeah, theres gonna be plenty of asian women on there. I'm american and most of us havent heard of tantan

  2. This is the beginning of a problem, control it while you still can. I'm physically dependent on alcohol and it's a fucking nightmare of a life. I'm not saying you need to be fully sober, but dont drink every day, and NEVER drink in the morning. Alcohol withdrawls can kill you. Easily. Always remember that.

  3. Quick question for anyone here ( because for some reason i cant post), do they make new s10 compatable batteries? I had an s10 a while ago and recently bought another one, but the battery life is atrocious due to the age

  4. I’m a suicidal alcoholic as well I feel ur pain so deeply my family hates me :(

  5. i hope you the best, and i hope that your family can learn to love you, and if not, i hope theyll at least leave you tf alone

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