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  1. Sounds like the Mormon church wasn’t paying their tithing or else they would’ve had the fire insurance

  2. Had a geographically separated unit. Three of us were directly effected by a disaster(homes destroyed by a hurricane).

  3. The airman’s creed says “my mission is to fly, fight, and win.” Do with this what you must.

  4. Maintenance is never wrong. It's always the pilot's fault. Or QA's. Or maybe the tech data. Definitely the engineers.

  5. Interesting to note, since 1981, abortions in the US have declined by half, from 29 per 1,000 women to 14 per 1,000 women. The Boomers were the ones getting knocked up and aborting kids, and now some of that same Boomer generation are the people want to deny women the same choice they had. Fucked up.

  6. It “apparently” the abbreviation for Nahom a place mentioned in the Book of Mormon

  7. When you come back in the shop after working on the jet to find that all the people who don’t work didn’t save you any

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