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  1. I’m told that I do but I don’t hear it.

  2. It’s -3 degrees in Ireland rn so I’m not able to go in cus the roads are too icy

  3. Fragrances is the best hobby I’ve ever gotten into, I’m super into fashion too but surprisingly more girls will compliment/notice how you smell rather then how you look.

  4. Ima be brutally honest here, worst case scenario she says no and you lose a life long friend. Best case scenario you will date for a few months or maybe even years and inevitably break up and lose a lifelong friendship. It’s not worth it imo

  5. Oh shit i misunderstood the question, you can definitely try to restore the friendship, it’ll take time though but if she’s a good friend it’s definitely worth holding onto

  6. Sure I just posted a pic of my tits and karma hardly changed, lies.

  7. Are you Irish, you started that sentence with sure so this is just a stab in the dark haha

  8. Convinced she just wanted it cus it’s an essentials hoodie and actually doesn’t care about it being mine tho 😭😭😭

  9. Yeah but we’ve had some good conversations about hip hop so she had to be mentioned

  10. Don’t listen to them, soon you’re gonna be benching them and leg pressing their family haha

  11. lmaoo yes yes i think it's funny when i can do their body weight, or double their body weight depending on the machine/exercise and yet they're commenting.

  12. People who try to discourage you from doing anything in the gym especially based on your gender are generally dicks. You do you and don’t listen to them

  13. nah i might gain too many muscles

  14. That’s about average, I’m 5’7” 60kg and just hit 65kg on the bench but I’ve been going like 5 months now so it’ll come with time. Once you hit your bodyweight you have a pretty good bench

  15. I live in Ireland only shit we’ll be sledding in is a hill that is muddy from the light rain we get for 3 months straight

  16. How to make your dick do the helicopter

  17. Start off slow and build momentum. Too fast and you’re just flailing your penis. Circular motions with even emphasis on all directions, too far one way and it’ll stop spinning

  18. Hello Guys I want to buy at least 2 fragances but I am in a budget I want to buy a versatile fragance

  19. Cool water is amazing for the price, but you should go to a department store or something and try out all of the fragrances and see which you prefer

  20. Ay man when you are lifting what’s heavy for you, have a spot, I saw you struggled slightly on the push up better safe than sorry ya know

  21. Gym was empty, I usually would ask. As a last resort I learned the roll of shame so I would’ve probably been fine

  22. Drake the type of guy to wiggle his fingers and say “don’t mind if I do” while looking at a box of 12 donuts from dunkin

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