Northland girls lead haka against USA in Whangarei

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  1. I could probably get you a home in London asap but no one bothers asking me so.

  2. Why the other team stood there looking. What about some warm up.

  3. Well there is some water left like after 10 mins then use that with my pasta anyway.

  4. Or I pour some out when I think about it now yeah. It’s very easy to cook anyway.

  5. So what’re they eating? The answer got removed above.

  6. If the removed comment meant anything, I don't know what it was. It read like i was having a stroke. It was either nonsense or I'm just real dumb.

  7. They don't care. It's fucked up but some folks live so close to the edge that prison or death are not particularly scary.

  8. Its so fucked. I grow my own. It's free and from the earth. No one needs to kill each other over it. Good thing they keep it illegal and keep people uneducated. 😔

  9. His back camera will be broken. I had to take photos with front camera for a while before I got it repaired.

  10. You shouldn’t think about the balloon sphere. You should think only about the surface. The surface is always there. It’s just stretching.

  11. Could say that it can’t stretch forever. It will rip one day.

  12. Tbf she shouldn’t have walked into a pool party being a Karen.

  13. Milton Keynes, the whole city is a grid system so straight roads and lots of roundabouts.

  14. Birmingham City Centre/ring road is a fucking nightmare. Just make sure you have a destination in mind, and then have fun completely missing your exit because you have to transfer from Lane 4 to Lane 1 with about 200m warning and then back to Lane 4 in another 50m before needing to cut across five lanes to reach the outer two lanes so you can get to a massive roundabout with four lanes and not enough time to even work out what lane you need to be in for that 😵‍💫

  15. I enjoyed Birmingham. The only problem I had was angry drivers, like screaming at me in another language for driving within the limit.

  16. Most expensive gold would be something like this -

  17. Maybe. I think the original creator of this video is likes toyota corolla :)

  18. Looks like a white version of Martin Lawrence.

  19. But if everything is automated. Where do u get your income from?

  20. To avoid the exhaust from the tail pipe condensing on the house wall, leaving a stain, and to keep the car's trunk easily accessible.

  21. U waste more petrol having to start engine for a reverse.

  22. I lose my nut when other drivers are too impatient for me to back onto my driveway. I wish we had guns sometimes.

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