1. I think it is a great color. But I would say just let your makeup bring it together for you. When we change hair color, especially dramatically, like you have been brave enough to do, a new makeup pallette is needed. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  2. Thank you! I never wear makeup, but I think you're right. Especially on days I go out, a lipstick or something might make it look even better!

  3. You dont need to change a thing it looks good. Complements aside if your going to bleach it study up and personally I dont recomend it at all. You and I have similar hair, mines a bit more red but Its a pain to bleach and if you do it long enough you flatten out the range of color.

  4. Oh, I already bleached it! In the picture, that's my bleached hair. I got it done at a salon yesterday. Before, it was a dirty/dark blonde with a slight golden tone. After the salon, I realized that my gold tone really stayed! But I tend to overthink things. If it looks good, then maybe I don't need to get it toned any further!

  5. As a former cashier, I can really empathize. Some customers are the worst! If I forget my bag, I just shrug it off. My fault, not theirs! People who are rude just feel entitled. The world revolves around them

  6. NTA because she's lying. Why would she be buying shoes if her baby needs to go to the hospital? Any sane mother wouldn't care about shoes at that point

  7. And this is why I don't feel safe when I go downtown. I hope this dude gets what he deserves (lots and lots of bad karma)

  8. Hi Porcelainz, thanks for posting your FO for us to see! If you have a link to the pattern you used or any other relevant information (e.g., yarn brand, weight, type; hook used), please reply to this comment with that information so that everyone can see it. Thanks!

  9. Sewing gives me anxiety sometimes. If I don't place my amigurumi parts JUST right and pin them really extremely, things will shift, and it will look like an alien. And sometimes if I'm not careful, the long string might get stuck or tangle or knot while pulling through, then it's heck trying to get it back.

  10. Just for fun and extra learning! It was an optional side project we could do.

  11. Ah thatโ€™s cool! I was confused on what something that size would need a full set of teeth for ๐Ÿ˜…

  12. A mouse! Lol. Just kidding. Later, I drilled a hole in this denture, put a ring through it, and now it's a keychain. I think this was the most fun project I've ever had at college.

  13. You literally look like a worm in this photo

  14. You look like you just woke up out of bed, but the whole night you were sleeping on one eye

  15. That's the creepiest, ugliest and yet the most amazing, fascinating creature. 10/10 great sculpture

  16. Thanks, hahaha! It's definitely ugly, but water bears have character

  17. I wish I could roast her. However, I just can't find anything wrong with her enough to be that vicious. She's beautiful. I hope she sees her beauty and self worth. She didn't need to be numbed to criticism; she just needs to be treated like a perfectly valid woman that's probably way better than her current situation.

  18. Thank you!! My self-confidence issues are more towards my skills/abities rather than looks. I used to get bullied for my looks, but when I became an adult, I started to love my appearance. I'm having a fun time reading the roasts. I just struggle with my confidence in doing or learning anything due to my ADHD and anxiety. This comment means a lot to me!

  19. This is phenomenal. Stay out of RoastMe, you have talent.

  20. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me.

  21. Your eyeliner looks like it's desperately trying to escape/fly away from your eyes. That says something

  22. wears chain around neck to feel superior against other f---boys

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