1. I think there's a strong chance that this guy is blind drunk and is at the wrong house, and looking through the window with confusion.

  2. From the last 20 reposts from the last 10 years, he is mostlikley just drink and lost.

  3. Would definately unlock an achievement so thats a skip for me. Dont have the 100+hrs to finish the 100% completion.

  4. Why do people avoid achievements? Is it because you want to only 100% all games you play? You don't want to people to see you having achievements for lame games?

  5. Just some people have OCD about not getting every achievement in a game.

  6. I did not unlock any achievement and I did it 3x (Mine, my neice and nephew)

  7. I've been playing Twins at for the last few weeks...so bummed they didn't keep the change.

  8. Imagine being able to tell people you took gold at the Virgin World Championship.

  9. Imagine you live in the richest country in the world as an average citizen and having to know what a tourniquet is is a thing.

  10. Pretty sure most people in the world knows what a tourniquet is.

  11. I wonder when Native Americans will sue for all the land that the US settlers seized…

  12. I see you haven't been paying attention to the last few decades.

  13. Idky, but I’m thinking of this perk idea where you can see all auras that see yours. Like object but you can’t always see the killers aura and it would work for survivors too.

  14. The bad manners are using cheats or hacks.

  15. That seems to be the consensus. For some odd reason, I love no mither, I can’t explain why

  16. If you use [[No Mither]] consider also running [[Resilence]], you vault and do objectives a little faster

  17. My wife and I were making a grocery list today and decide to make a stew because it's cheap and feeds the whole family well enough. Except stew meat, you know, the chopped up bits that are basically discards because they arent pretty, was $7/lb!

  18. A couple years ago, I could buy 4 ox tails for less than a dollar. Now at the same store, 2 ox tails are $8.

  19. I’m confused on how ayrun gets baby killers, doesn’t his mmr stop that? He’s a pretty high prestige and he escapes most of the time so one would assume his mmr is also high.

  20. Don't listen to these clowns. Ayrun and a lot of other streamers who ate good, do not tank their MMR offstream.

  21. The hollow shell is a 25% bloodpoints offering that affects only the killer. The survivor version of the offering would be the envelope

  22. Yep, and there are 2 envelopes (not including event offerings)

  23. Nah, I gotta do something when I'm waiting for the killer to stop camping.

  24. It won't appear in the blood web unless you pay cash to buy Cheryl and prestige her to P1.

  25. [[Soul Guard]] has never shown up in the Shrine.

  26. Basically they proposed a change where, instead of being able to mori everyone, you mori the last person in a forced cutscene, and the ebony mori got changed to a special bloodpoint offering instead. Nobody likes them.

  27. Gotta love people who use every advantage they can get.

  28. I want to see things better, and to achieve this I need to press 2 buttons. Why wouldn't I?

  29. They purposely made the game to have dark areas that can't be seen. By adjusting your screen to be able to see those areas, gives you an unfair advantage.

  30. It should reduce your movement speed tbh, since it prevents crows from flying off you should be forced to move slower. It makes zero sense you can sprint past them without disturbing them

  31. I play survivor and killer, what you did was...fine.

  32. because spookyloopz made a video on how strong it is and people need a reason to blame their losses on. this is the new flavor of the month.

  33. No need to cleanse plague when you can't heal already

  34. But don't worry, your entire team immediately cleansed when infected.

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