1. Animal abuse is a felony in my state now. It should be nationwide. Or global!

  2. Ant Lion's. Aka... Doodlebugs. Drop an ant in one and watch. It's fun.

  3. I know you mentioned Woodford and bought 2 different models (17 and 19) but I have seen that some newer ones from prier are lead free. Is lead free important for this at all?

  4. Totally, I wonder if it's because I kept the plates in a sealed lunchbox still wet of alochool that caused the bacteria to prevail so quickly

  5. I dig it. The bottom dude is just kicked back and enjoying the ride. Perfect.

  6. It probably already had a hairline fracture. They're difficult to see, but severely weakens the structural integrity of the fixture.

  7. Sewage ejector pit. Your main waste line (aka lateral) is higher than the roughed-in plumbing under your basement floor, so if it's ever finished and used, the wastewater dumps into that and pumped upwards into the main line for your 1st floor plumbing (DWV) to exit into the sanitary main at the street or septic tank. Basically pumps up the waste so it can drain down. A grinder pump will be installed when needed.

  8. Question is, where did they run the inlet to? Op hopefully has a couple of capped stub outs sticking through the floor somewhere…

  9. If it was plumbed properly and pressure tested, the risers and tub or shower drains should be obvious. They may have glue test caps or mechanical plugs or caps were used for inspection and then taped off.

  10. Walk. That's a toxic environment in multiple ways. Even if you take a deep pay cut, you'll preserve your mental health and that is priceless.

  11. Jesus. Get what you can out of that because those are some good genetics.

  12. If you were tripping that intensely, I highly doubt you would possess the faculties to create a legible sentence, much less paragraphs. At least it's like that for myself and fellow mushers I know.

  13. Different routes. Those guys work hard and are compensated well.

  14. Respectfully shy and sly. He's probably a keeper. Being a guy myself, I can attest to the majority of dudes being selfish, aggressive assholes. I used to be one of those and I'm not proud of it.

  15. I'm good with just hiking, but if you prove to be intelligent and a generally pleasant person... yes please.

  16. They have shitty lives that they're unwilling to change and are perpetually miserable. This spills over to how they treat others because they become very self centered and bitter. Try to not take their words personally. Has nothing to do with anyone besides themselves.

  17. Spicy copper noodle. Don't play with it. Won't kill you, but you won't like the result.

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